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WHAT’S EVERY GIRL’S FANTASY ??? As guys are gradually becoming complicated, girls on the other hand are beginning to swim into simplicity. And their fantasy are becoming more common among each girl.
girls' fantasy
The big question is what are these fantasies. If you’re a guy reading, I need you to give more attention to the words of this post, while wanting her to be always yours. Let’s dive in using bullet list.

know to Girls’ Fantasy

  1. Communicating with her:
All girls feel loved when they have good communication with their man. She wants you to communicate with her more often than you think. She wants chats with you to be longer than that of anyone else. You need to be funny too, in other to get the best from communicating with her. Remember she wants to laugh always around you. You also need to let those secrets out. Don’t keep them all to yourself, share it with her. 2. Never Ignore her: Girls needs attention. In bid for attention may ask tonnes of questions at certain times, wanting to ascertain some facts. Never Ignore any question of hers… Not even when you aren’t in the mood. You make her feel stupid when you ignore her… And no girl wants to feel that way. Listen to your baby… Give her quality attention as much as she craves for it. Call her often and leave her text messages. Let the first thing she wakes up to see on her phone be your text. Continue to win her even when you’ve won.
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3. Give off lively vibe: No sane girl wants a dull moment around a guy. Give her those lovely vibes. If she needs a hang out in bars, restaurants or cinema, give it all to her. Your dope vibes can keep her glued to you always. 4. Stay with her: Who do you think needs your presence most, if not your girl? Are you starving her of your presence? No girl can survive that, as you may get replaced. Stay with your sweet heart more often and spend quality time with her. She need it even more than you can imagine. 5. Tell her how you feel: Don’t be a shy cat… Tell your girl how you feel often. She is always desperate to know. It helps her position herself well to connect with you. Just open up to her… The result will definitely be great. 6. Trust her and care for her like a queen. Trust is really expensive and genuine care is difficult to get out of today’s world. Your girl wants to believe she have got these priceless gifts. She always want to have that feel you care about her and trust her so much. She also wants to feel cool trusting you, hoping you won’t betray her trust. Once trust is won, it’s easier for everything else, including sex to flourish in a relationship. Care for her like a queen that she is, as it’s all that matters. Love her body, she wants you to… Give her some affirmative words always, she wants you to… Buy her things, she needs you… MAKE HER SPECIAL.❤️
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