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What Kills Love In Relationships Today?

Many think love dies in a relationship, not knowing love doesn’t die in a relationship but may diminish.

Can man ever live without being into one or more relationships?

Of course Not.

 Being in relationships is a norm for man.

At certain times, the maintenance of relationships becomes a big problem for individuals, owing to the fact that love in such relationships is short-lived.

When such love diminishes, there is always bound to be problems as regards maintaining such relationships. The following facts got a hand in diminishing the binding force of love in a relationship.

Top 12 Factors that Diminishes Love in a Relationship

  1. Lies In A Relationship
What Kills Love In Relationships Today?

Lies as the mother of all sins tend to drain love effects in a relationship even beyond man’s imaginations.

The funny thing about a lie is when you tell one, you need to tell more to back up that already told.

While its dangers may be that you can’t tell if your partner already knows the truth before presenting such lies to them, the lie goes beyond destroying the pillars of a relationship in which trust happens to be one.

  1.  Keeping Secrets In A Relationship

 At some point in time in our life, man has secrets to keep to himself.

When one is into a relationship, if you’ve got lots of secrets, it makes you become extremely conscious of what leaves your mouth.

Such characters could be perceived by your partner as – you not been free with them, probably while chatting.

Try trashing some of those secrets as they might end up claiming the love that protects your relationship with time.

  1. Pretense In A Relationship
What Kills Love In Relationships Today?

When one finds love, there comes zeal to impress whosoever they are in love with.

While doing that, it is better just to be yourself, as putting up a different version of you will do more harm than good.

Letting love glow should be the watchword of a relationship, as strangling love brings forth evil fruit like disrespect, arrogance, distrust, etc.

Allow the rays of love reflect in your relationship, it’s necessary.

  1. Honesty Needed In Relationships
What Kills Love In Relationships Today?

We all know honesty to be the act, quality, or condition of being honest.

Just as earlier discussed how lies kill a relationship. This act of not giving into swindling, lying or fraud keeps a relationship upright.

You should be scrupulous with regard to telling the truth when in a relationship. Else, it brings them to an early grave.

  1. Compatibility of Partners In Relationship

In a relationship, the choice of partner has a greater hold of such a relationship. Thus, compatibility comes in.

You can’t be compatible with everyone and some people.

Nature itself made it so. Most people find themselves in a relationship with partners with whom they are compatible. This helps such a relationship run smoothly with lesser efforts to maintain them.

On the other hand, if you’ve got yourself into a relationship in which both parties aren’t compatible, it becomes much more frustrating with love diminishing in such a relationship.

Love is meant to be a binding factor. How do you know your partner is compatible with you? Becomes a big question that punches the heart so bad.

A simple quest for self-recognition can help you out.

  1. Communication In A Relationship
What Kills Love In Relationships Today?

Man as a being, can’t do without communicating with each other. At one point or the other, you must have someone to communicate with, as no human can live in isolation.

Communication is a very powerful tool in a relationship. The quality of communication in a relationship tells how long it tends to last and how smoothly relationship challenges can be handled and sorted out.

The most relationship is based on assumptions as regards to certain characters/decisions of partners.

Such an attitude kills a relationship. With a good communication scheme laid out, you tend to understand your partner and why he or she chooses to do what they do. For such cases may have been discussed even before it unfolds.

The rate, at which bad communication in a relationship terminates it, is as fast as you can imagine. It shouldn’t be given a chance as it does more harm than good. Talk your way through that relationship.

  1. Deepen intimacy/connection

Marriage relationships will be perfectly right if intimacy/connection in them is deepening. Just as a good song got good flows, so also a good marriage relationship must possess this perfect connection and intimacy.

Love must be built, not destroyed. I have got a little guide to help you get more connected with your partner.

  • Firstly, you need to keep dating each other.
  • Consider creating more honeymoon (a second, third, and so on)
  • Be of service to each other (serve and be served)
  • Keep up and feed each other (it builds the connection)
  • Remember your hot bath, continue with it.
  • The eye contact – gaze into each other eyes.
  1. Trust
What Kills Love In Relationships Today?

Trust is a very sensitive relationship tool. As when it is betrayed, could take a fortune to rebuild. You can’t be in a relationship without a little concrete trust in your partner.

All need to be watchful as ever, never to betray such trust imposed. As when that happens, it leaves a great crack in the foundation of such a relationship.

  1. Forgiving:
What Kills Love In Relationships Today?

When in a relationship, I bet you already sign to tolerate your partners’ shit.

“Forgive anyone who has harmed you or caused you pain. Keep in mind that forgiveness is not for others. It’s for you. Forgiving is not forgetting. It’s remembering without anger. It frees up your power, heals your body, mind, and soul. It brings peace.”

Just as you are bound to provoke each other when in a relationship, you have to put on a belt of forgiveness around your waist, as lack of this diminishes the love bounding relationships.

  1. Time

As it is often said, there is time for everything. This master rule applies to our relationships. Know your timing. Everything can’t be just right at all times. Utilizing your time and scheduling it for the right purposes put your relationship on the right track.

  1. Smile
Men, Women, Apparel, Couple, People, Happy, Love, Pet

How often do you smile when you interact with your partner? Smile is a very powerful tool in a relationship. It frees the mind off burdens of various kinds, especially when emotionally attached.

Your happiness and joy should be of a higher priority in your relationship. Never trade them for some other stuff.

  1. Understanding
What Kills Love In Relationships Today?

Understanding as the bedrock of relationship got kids she possesses for herself which includes;

  • Respect
  • love
  • Equality
  • Consideration
  • Commitment

When you understand your partner, the more compatible you both become, respect increases, love flourishes more, equality becomes a firm hold, commitment slides easily and considerations got itself flowing.

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