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8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You|R-R

What do guys really want in a relationship has been a question bordering most girls.

Do you really care to know what things he needs in a relationship that can even make him marry you?

Guys over time are becoming more and more complicated like girls, which has thrown a lot of girls into confusion when they try to figure out what guys really want in a relationship.

I know you are one of those beautiful ladies out there wanting to know what your guy really wants in the relationship to help you secure and build a better relationship with you.

I’m pleased to announce that you are in the right place.

Let’s dive into it right away!

What do guys want in a relationship?
What exactly do guys want from girls?
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Things a guy seeks in a relationship before considering marriage

This list from Relationship Rig, after a wide survey conducted among various guys, will expose to you the common things a guy seeks while in a relationship with you.

Do you want him to propose to you sooner than later?

If yes, you need to take this post seriously.

  1. Beauty
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Beauty as it’s often said is within the eyes of the beholder.

A girl whom “man A” may call beautiful, may not seem as beautiful in the eyes of “man B”.

The spec of guys that define beauty to them differs.

You should know your man’s definition of beauty.

Find out even before dating what skin color he likes in a girl, what body size or weight, what kind of height, and all things which get him attracted to you including makeover and dressings.

All guys want their girls to look beautiful in their eyes.

Once you match his spec, he’s sure to value you even more. He always wants to see your beauty as he takes pride in it.

Does your man think you are beautiful personally to him rather than randomly?

You need to figure that out.

  1. Good Character
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Your character is one thing that defines you to a great extent. He will never tell you or talk about your character, but all guys observe the character of their girl closely.

No guy wants to have a genuine relationship with a girl with bad characters.

He can put up with your bad character only if he’s down for just sex. But thinking about marriage is a big “No” for guys.

As a lady, you should work daily on your character.

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Once you possess a good character and you’re beautiful, you will just be a few steps to becoming his wife.

  • Say no to nagging
  • Appreciate his efforts
  • Accept him for who he really is and don’t give him a reason to fake
  • Make him feel you’re ready to support him no matter how little your efforts are
  • Don’t compare him with other guys
  • Respect his family and friends
  1. Respect
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

There’s no guy in the world who feels comfortable with a girl who doesn’t respect them.

Respect is a plus to good character.

He needs your respect even before your love.

How can you love him without being respectful? It’s all like love never existed.

If you don’t respect him, he won’t complain but trust me; his ratings of value for you will be extremely poor.

He will choose someone over you who respect him more.

He wants you to be loyal.

Loyalty to your man pays off.

Once you are loyal and give him respect, he will value you more than anything in the world and will automatically become difficult for someone to snatch him away.

Your gift of loyalty and respect is liked gold; very precious to him.

  1. Be Simple
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Men know that ladies are naturally complicated and it’s already hard work for them to understand a lady.

You shouldn’t be more complicated.

He wants you to be simple and easy to understand.

Understanding your man makes him value you more. Once you don’t really understand your man, it pushes you to nag and virtually all men can’t cope with a nagging lady.

  • Be simple and smart
  • Be teachable
  • Don’t be too materialistic
  • Surprise him often
  • Learn to manage and cope with him
  • Be tolerable

Give him all these touches and he will stay glued to you without cheating.

Once he feels all these in you, you automatically become the picture of a wife in his mind.

  1. Secrets
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Guys know girls are always full of secrets. He doesn’t want a random girl that does what all other girls do.

He needs a unique girl.

Guys feel irritated when their girl is hiding things from them.

You need to learn to trust. Loving someone you don’t trust is bullshit.

Once you trust your man, there will be no need to keep things from him.

He wants you to always open up. When he asks you what the problem is or are, instead of saying “nothing”, tell him everything.

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Keeping things to yourself makes him feel you’ve got no to trust him.

Are you that girl who is so secretive?

He sees you so moody and asks what the problem is, instead of telling him you are on your menstrual period; you just say “nothing”.

How do you expect him to understand you when you keep many things away from him?

It’s really difficult if not impossible.

Learn to be open with your guy, as that’s what he wants.

  1. Truthfulness
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Thousands of girls have stalked her, as they often lie to their guys.

Lying to someone you love is madness.

Don’t give excuses that you lie to protect them. It’s all nonsense.

Guys never joke with a girl who is honest and truthful.

Tell him the truth; he wants to hear nothing but the truth. Once you lie often to your guy, his value for you will diminish and may never be up again.

One lie told needs more lie to back it up. You can’t keep lying.

He always wants to hear nothing but the truth in all circumstances.

  1. Faithfulness
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

A guy in love will naturally be jealous. He never wants to share you with anyone.

He wants a complete love with maximum attention from you like a possession.

Don’t be a cheat.

No guy wants to date or marry a cheat, but guys are willing to have sex with a lady who cheats.

Be faithful to your man, as it saves you stress and keeps you focused.

  1. Peace
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Are you that girl he feels comfortable to be with especially when he’s troubled?

If you aren’t, you need to be.

Guys want peace. They don’t tolerate girls who steal their peace, which birth joy.

When you don’t give him the peace he desires, he will cheat on you.

Don’t be troublesome.

Be that girl he can lean on and talk to any time, feeling so comfortable, even in times of troubles.

Be that girl that can bring him balance and stability.

He wants peace when with you.


The set of men considered while structuring this post are those who aren’t into drugs or addicted to gambling.

What men want or need from a woman are so simple but many have failed to understand or pay close attention to them.

I hope you start today.

Help your man to love you even more for a better relationship.

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The ball is on your curt if you want him to propose to you in no time. Play your card right.

Quick Questions to ask you – oil to what a guy really wants

How many girls buy their guy’s things?

Take their guys out or pay for his food?

How may see him off to cut his hair of pay for his hair cut?

Buy drinks for him and his friends?

How many come visiting without being called?

give their guy surprises?

call them to come online for a chat because they miss him?

try to get him airtime or data sub. ?

check up on him often?

How many say hi on chat without him sending a message first?

have educative talks with their guys?

are willing to know how his hustle has been?

How many show interest in his hustle?

How many can support their man?

And the list goes on and on.

Examine yourself and start giving him what he wants.  

What do you think of this post?

Was it helpful?

Do well to leave me a comment, complaint, advice, or suggestions.

You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

And if this is your first time reading from us at Relationship Rig, you’re highly welcomed; we long to see you more often. They’re more helpful and interesting posts waiting for you here…

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