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Do you have that unusual guy as a girl, whom you have been trying to have sex with but your magic doesn’t seem to work well on him?

Do you know there might be some cards you’re missing and some you aren’t playing rightly?

Here Is What Guys Think Before Sex

Relax as I talk you through eight (8) instant things boys look out for before considering to have sex with you.

Unlike girls, guys find it really easy to harbor the thought of having sex.

Just after a few minutes of meeting a girl, a guy can be turned on seriously for sex. But while some guys get turned on quickly, some others love to check out a list of things before considering having sex.

Let’s take a look at some of these things guys check out before they’re willing to have sex.

8 Things Guys Check Out To Have Sex With You Immediately

8 Instant things guys look at for before considering having sex

  1. Neatness

No matter how desperate a guy may need sex, he needs his girl to be neat to some extent.

When he sees you as neat, it triggers a feeling within him that considers you fit for all the dirty things he would love to do during sex.

Once you’re neat, he immediately senses you’re capable of taking good care of your private parts, which will have the thoughts of having sex with you slip through his mind.

Don’t give him that impression you aren’t neat.

Always appear very near. It’s like an aroma to a sweet soup. Stay free from any form of odor.

  1. Good Looking

Be gorgeous.

Let your appearance wow him.

A good looking or girl catches the eyes of men. Dress smartly.

Once you look good, he can’t help himself from salivating for sex, as it clouds his mind even when he’s yet to say a word.

  1. Be attractive

As you make effort to be good-looking, you need to be attractive as well.

An attractive woman or girl is hardly irresistible.

Once you’re attractive, you would magnet him naturally. He will always make effort to come closer to you.

Wear a charming smile often and be polite. With that, you’ll be killing him softly as he will be in desperate need to have sex with you.

Spend time to maintain eye contact, and then smile as you both look at each other in the eyes.

Such action creates an instant thought around sex within, as he will want to have you all to himself for sex.

  1. Attitude

Sex is personal life which’s shared.

If you want him to consider sharing that with you, showing a great attitude can win you that.

Don’t give him the slightest idea you’re a go digger or a spoilt brat.

Respect him to the peak.

Just stay humble and watch him fall for your charms, wanting to have sex with you.

  1. Self-confidence

From the way you speak to him, he can sense if you’re confident or not

Don’t be scared; rather be confident if you desire him.

Confidence goes a long way.

If he doesn’t perceive you to be confident, he won’t feel safe around you, not to talk of having sex.

Only guys who take advantage of girls feel comfortable around a girl who isn’t self-confident.

So if you are the shy type, learn to maintain eye contact more often, as it gives him the impression you’re confident. That too can lead to a desire for sex.

  1. Consider him a hero

As you both converse, once he tells you about some of his achievements see them as unique and consider them great. Give him that heroic feel he needs by telling you his achievements.

Men like that feel, especially when it’s coming from a lady.

It will get him on, as he feels appreciated, and having sex with you won’t be a big deal.

  1. Flexibility

Be flexible if you are seeking or want him to consider you for sex.

Open up when he throws a question instead of holding back words.

If he wishes you both hangout, offer him time for fun. The more flexibility he thinks is enjoyed around you, the more likely he will consider you when he needs sex.

  1. Be composed

Communicating well with a guy is being decoded as being composed by the male folks.

Try to hold an educative and interesting conversation.

Don’t be boring.

No guy wants to be around a boring lady who can’t sustain a conversation.

When you can, you get him addicted to you easily and when he does, having sex with you isn’t going to be a problem facing the challenge of time.


You can have that guy you so desire, it isn’t too difficult all you need to do is take action on the points noted in this post.

Go for him.   

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