Forum Relationship Discuss of Shannon and Gaid

Forum Relationship Discuss of Shannon and Gaid – Air Your View Now|R-R

Today, Relationship Rig presents to you a relationship discussion of Shannon and Gaid, as we believe you have an idea which can solve their relationship issue. That’s why we implore you to air your view.

The Relationship Story of Shannon and Gaid

Shannon and Gaid have been dating for six years, that’s since their school days, even after they both graduated from the university.

They have this intention of getting married to each other but the wind wasn’t forthcoming towards their direction.

Many men have asked Shannon for her hand in marriage. She ignored them all completely hoping that someday, she would get married to Gaid.

All she needed in a man was complete in Gaid.

Gaid wrote to us, telling us about the problem in their relationship and appealed that their location remained anonymous.

The Problem facing Shannon and Gaid

According to Gaid, he wants to get Shannon engaged when she gets pregnant and then proceeds to marry her.

They have since these years of dating been having sex without protection but Shannon hasn’t gotten pregnant for once.

They went on for a series of tests from different doctors and all confirmed they were both okay and could have kids.

Shannon on the other hand has been so helpless and depressed, as she doesn’t know what to do.

Shannon feels she may end up losing Gaid, but don’t know how to prevent it from happening.

Gaid has written to us, to help him out with valid advice on what to do, as he feels confused too.

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 You are part of us at Relationship Rig, so you should have something to say.

Share Your Thoughts On Shannon and Gaid’s Relationship

Having read and understood the problem in Shannon and Gaid’s relationship, what advice can you give to act as a solution to their problem?

Tell us your mind by using the comment box NOW. Your contribution matters a lot.

And if you have any relationship issue you wish to hear the view of others on, do well to email us your story.

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