Forum Relationship Discuss of Favour and Peter – Air Your View Now

Forum Relationship Discuss of Favour and Peter – Air Your View Now|R-R

Today, Relationship Rig presents to you a relationship discuss of Favour and Peter, as we believe you have an idea which can solve their relationship issue. That’s why we implore you to air your view.

The Relationship Story of Favour and Peter

Favour being an orphan and the only child of her late parents lived with her grandmother, in a village around the southwestern part of Nigeria.

Life didn’t seem to be fair, things were too difficult for her as she could barely feeds well.

After a few years of suffering and hoping for a better life which can end the frustration and pressure her grandma made her pass through, something changed.

There came a police officer who she crossed path with.

As a young girl of 23, her physical features were enough to attract men.

This young police officer showed Favour love and even promised to marry her.

Favour unable to take further stress and frustration from her grandma, packed her things to live with Peter, her police officer boyfriend.

Cohabitation started.

As she lived with him, she found out Peter had a child from another girl whom he didn’t marry but sent her packing with her child.

Favour couldn’t question her boyfriend but felt her case may be different.

The Problem facing Favour and Peter

Favour and her boyfriend Peter are having serious issues now.

According to Favour, she had aborted three pregnancies for Peter.

R: Why?

Her boyfriend forced her to abort and even threatened to kill her if she doesn’t.

Now, Favour is pregnant again and so determined to keep the baby at all cost.

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Her decision is putting her relationship on the line, as her boyfriend isn’t happy with her.

This has resulted to a beef between them, as they are no longer in talking terms as they lived together. 

Worse of all, Peter has stopped giving her money to feed, frustrating Favour at all cost.

Favour doesn’t know what next to do, that’s why she has reached out to Relationship Rig for guide and help. You are part of us at Relationship Rig, so you should have something to say.

Share Your Thoughts On Favour and Peter’s Relationship

Having read and understood the problem in Favour and Peter’s relationship, what advice can you give to act as a solution to their problem?

Tell us your mind by using the comment box NOW. Your contribution matters a lot.

And if you have any relationship issue you wish to hear the view of others on, do well to email us your story.

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