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Forum Relationship Discuss of Angelo and Craig – Air Your View Now|R-R

Today, Relationship Rig presents to you a relationship discussion of Angelo and Craig, as we believe you have an idea that can solve their relationship issue. That’s why we implore you to air your view.

The Relationship Story of Angelo and Craig

Craig after getting married to Angelo started enjoying all goodies that came with marriage.

After three years into his marriage, he had a son whom he named after himself.

Craig lived all these years without any serious issue with Angelo.

He makes effort to ensure Angelo doesn’t lack anything since they both got married.

Money wasn’t the problem of Craig, for he was rich.

The Problem facing Angelo and Craig Marriage

Craig after 3 years of marriage at some point started traveling abroad for business. He had some business running in other countries of the world.

He wasn’t around his wife all through the year, as he spent a few months in other countries.

According to Craig, he came into the country without informing his wife, as he has long been hearing from friends that his wife was cheating on him.

On arrival into the country, he got home instead of receiving a warm hug from his wife as expected; he caught her in his bed having sex with a stranger.

He couldn’t hold back the tears, as he felt seriously heartbroken.

Craig is thinking of divorce and wishes to hear our advice at Relationship Rig on the issue to guide his decision, that’s why he sent us an email.

You are part of us at Relationship Rig, so you should have something to say.

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Share Your Thoughts On Angelo and Craig’s Relationship

Having read and understood the problem in Angelo and Craig’s relationship, what advice can you give to act as a solution to their problem?

Tell us your mind by using the comment box NOW. Your contribution matters a lot.

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