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forum relationship dispute of oluchi and obinna

Today, Relationship Rig presents to you a relationship discussion of Oluchi and Obinna, as we believe you have an idea which can solve their relationship issue. That’s why we implore you to air your view.

The Relationship Story of Oluchi and Obinna

Obinna, an African based in Canada, having made cash think it was time to settle down and have a family.

Although he has been into women for some years, he struggled with the search to get a wife which was best for him.

Oluchi, as pretty as she was, every man’s dream, with light skin and an appearance like a queen charmed the eyes of Obinna with her natural beauty.

Obinna settled for Oluchi.

The wedding bell hangs as usual, since Oluchi was African, they both had a traditional marriage before the wedding.

Back to the House after Oluchi and Obinna’s wedding

In Obinna’s house, things became weird away.

His new wife finds it too difficult to cook his meal and whenever she does, Obinna prefers to go hungry than hurt his body system. She always made trash as food, as narrated by Obinna.

He thought his wife would change with time, so most often, he makes his food himself, serving Oluchi as she crossed her legs to enjoy his meal.

The Problem facing Oluchi and Obinna

Like that wasn’t enough, Oluchi planted a bomb in the other room.

When it was time to make love, especially at night, whenever Obinna makes a move to have sex with his wedded wife, she would insist he uses a condom.

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He bought the idea initially, but after few months when Obinna was ready to have babies, she still refused him from having sex without protection and most time Oluchi would run out of their room to lock herself up in another room.

Oluchi never gave any reason why she didn’t want to have sex without penetration not minding they were both free from any health issue.

Obinna endured for a few weeks before mapping out a plan.

On one faithful day, just when he was to make love to her, he locked up the door to avoid her from running away then, he forced himself on her without protection.

This act made Oluchi cry so bitterly after sex and to Obinna’s biggest surprise, she started taking pills.

So whenever he refused protection, she took pills to avoid pregnancy.

Obinna after talking to his wife with to positive or reasonable response has brought the issue to us at Relationship Rig, hoping for positive advice as he has got trust for this platform.

You are part of us at Relationship Rig, so you should have something to say.

Share Your Thoughts On Oluchi and Obinna’s Relationship

Having read and understood the problem in Oluchi and Obinna’s relationship, what advice can you give to act as a solution to their problem?

Oluchi and Obinna are live online to read available comments.

Tell us your mind by using the comment box NOW. Your contribution matters a lot.

And if you have any relationship issue you wish to hear the view of others on, do well to email us your story.

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