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3 Reasons Why Your Child Will Always Lie To You As A Parent|R-R

If you are planning on raising kids who do not lie, then you need to know the reasons why your child will always lie to you as a parent.

 Reasons Why Your Child Will Always Lie To You As A Parent

Bring up kids has always been one of the difficult tasks for couples. Children tend to react differently to a certain patterns of training adopted by their parents.

Lies in general, are been told by kids due to the following under-listed basic reasons;

Major Reasons Why Kids Lie

  1. Parents also lie

Most children are innocent and could sense lies better than adults.

Whenever you tell a lie or more to your kids (i call this an unnecessary lie because the parents await no punishment for telling the truth but yet lie), you have indirectly bargained with them to tell you lies also.

The fact remains that if they aren’t telling lies currently, they are indeed going to lie to you sometime in the nearer future.

Such lies parents tell their children to quench their distractive questions has a greater effect on them than as little thought by parents.

Take, for instance, a child planning to leave the parent’s presence to play with a friend against the wish of the parents, you did hear utterances like “masquerade (or something parents feel their kids are afraid of) will bite or catch you” from the parents.

Indirectly, they sow the seed of fear into the child’s life, when it is more than obvious that the so-called “masquerade” never existed.

Parents should know that it did be better to open up to kids at all times because it does more good than harm.

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In this case, stated above, simple statements like “come back here” could solve the problem. Noting that whatever goes around comes around.

  1. Lack of Trust

Kids from the very onset, have great trust in their parents, that’s the reason why if you probably want to beat one of them, they did give you a simple statement like ” I will report you to my mum or dad” with backup confidence at heart that their parent can handle all situation.

But parents betray such trust.

Take for instance, when a child does something wrong in your absence as a parent, on returning you seek the consent of such child to tell you who actually did such things with a backup promise never to beat or whip whoever is guilty.

Immediately he or she accepts been guilty of such acts, parents beat them up ignoring their initial promise never to beat them when they speak the truth.

Am pleased to inform you that you just killed the trust they had in you and if probably you aren’t lucky, such trust might never be replaced for life.

Never think it has no effect because they are children but remember that they’re also conscious beings.

You did be surprised at another instance, that even when you catch them in the act of doing something wrong and you asked for inquiries, they are more likely to tell you a lie, reasons been that you have succeeded in making your kids prone to lies by betraying the fact that the truth sets one free.

  1. Relationship with Siblings/Friends
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Most children may naturally want to tell the truth at all times but certainly when their siblings especially the older ones tell them to do the contrary, that they willingly do.

Except you’ve bought their trust.

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