The Black Book – How To Have A Pleasurable Sex Today


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the black book

The Black Book – How to have a pleasurable sex today.

The research is completed and the product out.

The Black Book covers all topics you have in mind about sex and many more.

Goodies never ends with us…

The Black Book is FREE for the first 100 purchase ONLY, and cost just $2.

GOOD NEWS – you will be refunded if the Black book doesn’t cover your topic interest on sex and you will also get a credit $10 to compensate for time wasted.

Content of the Black Book

Things girls check out to have sex with you immediately 5

Things guys check out to have sex with you immediately 10

Getting satisfied sexually 14

Wield things guys want in bed but don’t ask 16

How to make long distance relationship work 20

Ways a man can make condoms more pleasurable 25

How to return to an active sex life after prostate cancer treatment 29

Sex mistakes men make 31

Guide to sex 34

Trying to get pregnant 41

Pregnancy sex problems and how to fix them 46

How to improve sexual performance 52

Four curable sexually transmitted infections 59

Sex addiction symptoms, causes and effect 64

Adolescent sexuality 77

Best time to have sex and avoid pregnancy 81

Female sexual dysfunction 82

Sex after giving birth 95

Ways to help yourself to a better sex life 96

Safe sex 101

How long does normal sex last 106

How to talk to your partner about sex 112

Pain with penetration 116

How to enjoy more fulfilling sex 120

How to become more fertile 127

Foods that help in increasing fertility 130

Sex positions you must know 133

Timing for pregnancy 136

Questions to ask yourself considering sex after a baby 141

Ways to teach your child the skills to prevent sexual abuse 145

How to have sex while managing the risk of COVID-19 149

How to re-educate yourself about sex and pleasure as an adult 153

Tips for better sex after menopause 158

How to re-connect with your partner after having kids 160

Things to always discuss with your gynecologist 166

Debunked myths trying to conceive 169

These and many more hot topics you can’t miss out on…Grab a copy Now.


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