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Imaeruaka Nzubechukwu Joseph is an indigene of Amesi town in Aguata local government of anambra state, Nigeria.

Joseph who goes by the nick name “Inbuilt-Wisdom”, is the third son of a family of six. He’s siblings often refer to him as “Baby of the shop”, since he was over thrown from the position of the last child by his immediate and only younger brother.

Life In Nigeria

Imaeruaka Joseph was born in Anambra State, but has spent some years growing around Adamawa, Lagos and Ogun state.

He began his education, having his nursery studies in Adamawa state, primary studies in Lagos state and secondary education at Ogun State.

Insight into Joseph’s educational background

Joseph’s childhood dream has always been to become a Mechanical Engineer. He possess an MTI Diploma in Mechanical Maintenance Engineering from a practical based mono-tech., METALLURGICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, where he was grounded with some basic machining operations as a young engineer.

While studying in MTI, he fell in love with Basketball and won the MVP of the year 2014.

Imaeruaka Joseph, having the constant need to grow and develop himself went ahead to bag a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria in the year 2019.

Why then writing?

Imaeruaka being a good communicator fell in love with writing since his high school days. Writing to him seem to be the best means to express his thoughts to the public.

Till date, Joseph hasn’t stopped writing.

In fact, he earns greatly from writing and writing seem to be next to basketball as what gives him joy.

Joseph’s passion for writing has made him great content for his clients. His unique writing skill was what led him into blogging at Millitime in the year 2017, where he’s currently a co-founder of the platform.

Blogging at Millitime helped Imaeruaka Joseph identify a peculiar niche and on the 28th day of November 2020, he launched his personal blog, Relationship Rig were he gives unique relationship advice to the public.

Ever since, Relationship Rig has been his voice.

Imaeruaka Joseph has written few books, among which are;


Imaeruaka Joseph well known for his unique short childhood stories by his followers on social media have got few mentees whom he tries to help develop and build a great writing career.

Why Relationship Rig?

Imaeruaka Joseph has a passion in offering solutions to relationship and marriage problems. Friends known him so well for this as many call him “the relationship expert”, while others call him “marriage counselor”.


Imaeruaka Joseph is always open for sensible communication, accepts talks and interesting articles related to writing and relationships.

You can reach out by simply sending an email>>>

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