How To Make Your Man Crave You Constantly TODAY|R-R

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Do you know men are actually very simple to deal with? Having your man crave you constantly is something you can achieve with very little effort.

Yes, you heard me right, with very little effort you will make your man crave you constantly.

Are you willing to know the secret used by so many smart ladies in having their man forever to themselves alone?

If your answer to that question is a “BIG YES”, then you need to give this post more attention.

I don’t know what your past have been with guys but what I can assure you is that after reading through this post, you will have a different look out things concerning men.

Why? You may ask.

It will be all because you must have gained necessary knowledge in making your man crave you anytime and anywhere.



These days, most ladies don’t just want to be ladies anymore. Girls are found struggling to take on the guy’s role.

It has lead to a rise in lesbianism and the market for toys getting really large.

Some now associate weakness to being a lady instead of uniqueness.

Do you make your man feel like he’s being bossed around?

  If yes, then he may never crave you and is definitely going to cheat on you in no time.

No man wants to feel bossed by a lady he’s dating or married to.

When you boss your man, it makes him feel less of a man.

Come on, your man wants to feel like a king, he wants to feel like he’s in charge and if you don’t make him feel that way, he can’t crave you.

So then, how can you make him feel better without the impression of being bossed?


Here lies the keys to his heart and answer to the question above.

Overtime, breakups have induced in girls a harden spot which has dropped the level of respect they have for opposite sex.

Most girls feel so hard to find it difficult to respect a man.

Many others loose respect for a guy as soon as they have had sex with him.

Before your man begins to crave you madly, he must have felt completely respected by you.

Being fully convinced that your respect towards him is total and not partial.

Do you still respect your man? Even during the heats of misunderstandings? Or do you lose respect then?

Men are smart and can discern one who has total respect for them.

It is only when you respect your man perfectly well that he can be forced to show you all the care, love and attention in the world, craving you constantly.

You know what you want.

And now you know just how to get it.

The choice is yours.

Remember, men sense respect as love.


It’s no news more women finds it difficult to apologize than men do.

There’s really no need for an argument.

Mastering the act of apologizing immediately when you offend your man will do you more good.

It’s all a plus to showing respect.

No man wishes to marry a lady who hasn’t mastered the act of apologizing.

“I’m so sorry”, these words must be around your waist and be used when necessary if you want your man to rave you constantly.

Apologizing to him when you may have wronged him shines the lights of your character, making him see you more differently.


One of such light to your character is being loyal.

Only a loyal girl finds it easy to apologize to a guy..

Be loyal to your man.

He knows that only few girls out the world will be loyal, as it takes only one who really loves and cares to stay loyal.

Your loyalty is capable of winning him over and over again.

Why loyalty matters a lot in relationships is that, in loyalty we find humility and commitment which both are pillars of a lasting relationship.

A genuine man craves his loyal girl every minute.


I wonder how so many these days are in need for a better relationship and yet aren’t willing to be sincere to their partners.

Sincerity in a relationship helps boost understanding which is necessary for a better union so there’s really no need for crookies.

If you show sincerity always in your relationship, your value goes really high; increasing craves for you and you alone.

Men are quick to distinguish a sincere lady from one who isn’t.

Don’t think of playing games with sincerity if you want him to constantly crave you.

Since you can’t control the motion of the eyes a 100%,then there’s really no need to be insincere in your relationship as your eyes will display the level of your insincerity to your partner without your knowledge.


I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What do you think of this post?

Was it helpful?

Do well to leave me a comment, complaint, advice or suggestions.

You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

And if this is your first time reading from us at Relationship Rig, you’re highly welcomed; we long to see you more often. There’re more helpful and interesting posts waiting for you here…

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