How To Have A Genuine Date On Facebook Leading To Marriage (BUSTED SECRET)

How To Have A Genuine Date On Facebook Leading To Marriage (BUSTED SECRET)|R-R

Facebook is one of the largest online platforms we have in today’s world, where people can connect with each other.

This social media platform called facebook has stood the test of time, with millions of users.

Till today, so many struggle with the how, wanting to know how to achieve a genuine date through facebook, not minding the various spec of people they meet on this platform.

This post will give a clear insight and also help you understand the secrets behind having a genuine date on facebook.

Basic Things To Do

While considering reaching out for a genuine date on facebook, especially one which can lead to marriage, there are few secure measures you should adhere to and they are listed below.

Your Phone Number

While setting up your facebook account with the hope of a hookup, you should pay close attention to the phone number you give out on facebook.

You may be thinking of having a little tweak on your privacy settings but you need to be much more flexible for a hook up or a date.

Ensure the phone number you are giving out on facebook isn’t linked to your bank in any way, either directly or indirectly.

It should be clear of your bank, just so it doesn’t give a hacker an edge when you stumble on one.

It’s always best to use a line strictly for calls only.

How To Have A Genuine Date On Facebook Leading To Marriage (BUSTED SECRET)


Same applies to email. Using your official email address isn’t a nice idea. It’s preferred you use a much more flexible contact email and not one which have you totally connected.

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Doing that will save you from lots of distractions.

Your Name on Facebook

Wanting to give dating a shot on facebook, you need to be real from the scratch. People are too sensitive when it comes to dating online.

Using a name different from what you actually are is a bad idea. But on the other hand using your real name is a foundation for trust when it comes to online dating, especially one which will lead to a real deal.

General facebook profile

Most people leave their profile on facebook too scanty.

It doesn’t give one whom is interested in you a head way. It turns them off and away instead.

One most basic thing to do while expecting a genuine date on facebook, is to fill up your profile to a minimum of 80% completeness.

Of course, you need to upload few photos of you and maybe some when you attended an event.

It shows whosoever may be interested in you that you are genuine.

How to Chat on Facebook for a Date

How To Have A Genuine Date On Facebook Leading To Marriage (BUSTED SECRET)

Meeting strangers online, especially on facebook, the first chat are usually one of the best if both parties have an open mind.

Before sending a friend request or accepting one, you need to first of all take a close look at their profile.

This will help you tell if you really want to give them a shot or not.

You may find one or more things which will either make you interested in them or maybe feel something is fishy about them.

Examining their profile also helps you adjust on how you’re willing to interact.

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While having a chat, your impressions matters a lot.

You don’t need to be too aggressive or abusive, for you don’t really know who you are dealing with, neither do you need to be extremely cool.

Just be open and expressive while having conversations, depending on how open too they maybe with you on the chat.

Catching Feelings on Facebook Date

How To Have A Genuine Date On Facebook Leading To Marriage (BUSTED SECRET)

After chatting for a while with a stranger you happen to meet on Facebook or any other online platform, before catching feelings, there’s something you must do to stay safe.

You need to call them via a video call.

Yes, a video call. Just to be sure the pictures you are relating to, is actually the person physically.

If they are in anyway avoiding a video call, giving silly excuses, it is a red flag. You need to block them as soon as possible for only scammers do that.

Video call them even more often before falling in love with a facebook date.

Making Time to Visit

There’s going to be a need for a visit after dating online for some time with someone. Video calls may not be enough. There will someday be a rise in need for a visit, just to see each other physically.

As you plan to see each other, it’s best to pick a secured location. A bar or an eatery will just be fine.

See who you have been dating and if you both like each other and feel you can give love a shot, you can start dating officially.

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