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Forum Relationship Discuss of Helen and Green – Air Your View Now|R-R

Relationship Rig is presented with a relationship issue threatening Helen and Green. It’s a call for you as an audience to make a contribution, telling the house what you think can save their relationship, using the comment box below.

The Relationship Story of Helen and Green

Helen and Green both from the western part of the Netherland, Amsterdam to be precise have been dating each other for a couple of months.

Everything seems to have been going well as the fun would never end.

Green has already made up his mind to get married to Helen but something changed along the way, getting him all confused.

It all started when they began having sex.

Sex was often good as claimed by both Helen and Green. Yet, there remained a problem in the bedroom.

Can you guess what really their problem was then?

Well, I know you may not really be good at guessing, so let me reveal to you what Green’s problem was, with Helen in the other room.

The Problem facing Helen and Green’s Relationship

According to green, he often gives Helen head (oral sex) during their numerous sex scenes.

He didn’t see it as a big deal, as he wishes to do all it takes to get Helen fully satisfied during sexual intercourse.

Green thinks Helen is selfish and here’s why.

Why Green Thinks Helen is Selfish?

Green claimed to have pleaded with Helen to give him a blow job (oral sex) on several occasions and since they started dating, she hadn’t done it for once.

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So considering the fact he does oral with her and she has refused to go done on him, Helen is defined as selfish by Green.

What Helen Thinks of Green’s Problem with Her

Helen on her side feels Green too is a selfish boyfriend, stating that if he really cares about her feelings, then he shouldn’t force her into what she naturally doesn’t want to do.

Share Your Thoughts On Helen and Green’s Relationship

Having read and understood the problem in Helen and Green’s relationship, what advice can you give to act as a solution to their problem?

Helen and Green are live online to read available comments.

Tell us your mind by using the comment box NOW. Your contribution matters a lot.

And if you have any relationship issue you wish to hear the view of others on, do well to email us your story.

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3 thoughts on “Forum Relationship Discuss of Helen and Green – Air Your View Now|R-R”

  1. Helen should see things from greens view. What’s there going down on him. But I think she too lacks good communication, come up with something that works for both of you. I think its more of a psychological thing with Helen just explain to him how that feels for you. And from there sort things out

  2. Green should continue given Helen the oral sex in time Helen would concede and give him blow job it’s comes naturally no need to worry…

  3. Good evening

    I don’t see any selfishness from Helen.

    We all have freedom of choice to do whatever we are comfortable with.

    Being in a relationship with an individual doesn’t give anyone right to make, coerce or force their partner into doing what they don’t want.

    Though proper Communication would also help them discover other ways of pleasure without any of them feeling Neglected.

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