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Do you at some point feel insecure while in your relationship with that partner of yours?

If yes, then you’re not alone as its normal to feel that way.

In fact, almost everyone into a relationship has felt that way at some point.

It makes you feel like some other person would steal the one you love so dearly.

You feel like he or she is giving some persons more attention than yourself.

You don’t feel fully convinced that the one you are dating loves you.

And sometimes, you just don’t know how to describe such feel right?

Insecurities can have a very wide range and this post will be hitting on very few vital parts of insecurity in relationships to help you improve your love life.

Have you ever thought about what may be the causes of these insecurities in relationships?


What are the cause of insecurity in relationships today?

The causes of insecurities in relationships in our today’s world includes the following but aren’t limited to them;


Most people including yourself measure your current relationship with past relationships unconsciously.

It is true that the past is in the past but you must recognize that the changes the present holds are as a result of events of the past.

 So, your past holds greater strength on how you respond to your present.

If you have had a cheating partner in the past, your trust for your new partner will be reduced as compared to that which you had for your ex.

At a slightest mistake, you become quick to conclude your new partner is cheating on you.

Your level of insecurity in relationship goes higher when you fail to heal from emotional hurts before jumping into a new relationship.

Emotional injuries takes time to heal up and if you have had any, you need to complete your healing process before hitting on a new relationship. Else your new relationship suffers the side effect of your past.


Once you’re dating, you must be focused as to understanding your partner and their lifestyle.

It’s just so important and shouldn’t be ignored.

The better you’re at understanding his or her lifestyle, the less insecure you will feel.

On the other hand, ignorance of your partner’s lifestyle will give you more reasons to feel insecure.

To a great extent, it’s all in your hands.

You can put in the work to understand your partner, observe and ask questions politely to be cleared.


It’s no news that people who have had trust betrayed before finds it almost impossible to trust again.

When trust goes on vacation in your relationship, insecurities rules the heart and mind in love.

You will feel better and less insecure when you are dating someone who you have developed little trust for.

The heart sometimes tries to mess with the mind while we are in a relationship and only trust can clear the air. Dating one who you don’t trust is useless.


There’re no better tips to shone insecurities in relationships other than examining the causes of those insecurities and placing a check on them.

While dating, you must have it at mind that no one is perfect and everyone is prone to temptations and trials which some fail and some others scale through.

Recognize you are dating a human then understand the need to forgive letting genuine love rule over your relationship.

Insecurities in relationship starts as negative thoughts and you must be smart to counter them with positive thoughts in other to be a better lover.

Do you think insecurities only occur in relationships without crossing the borders of marriage?


Married couples too feel insecure at some point in time.

Yes, they feel that way.

So, insecurity isn’t limited to just relationships alone but also marriage too.

Once you know marriage is something you did be getting into sooner or later, then you must learn to handle your insecurity challenges.

It’s a win game for you.


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