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Day Two Memes, Quotes and Advice – Relationship Rig|R-R

There’s Only One Thing I Want You To Do

Never give up on me…

When I push you away, pull me back…

When I shout at you because I’m so angry, hug me tightly…

When I don’t answer your calls, come to my house and visit me at…

When I get overly clingy, assure me that I’m your only one…


When I feel overly insecure, remind me how blessed I am…

When I’m about to give up on you, kiss me and show me why I shouldn’t…

I know this is too much to ask, but still, I’m hoping that you love me enough to do this…

I want you to STAY and be a little more PATIENT…

I do the same for you.

“Love is a two-way street but some of you are driving down a one-way lane. They don’t love you as you love them”

“It’s fine to fight for someone who loves you. It’s a waste of time to fight for someone to love you…There’s a huge difference”

“Surround yourself with people and things that nourish you”

Day Two Memes, Quotes and Advice – Relationship Rig
Day Two Memes, Quotes and Advice – Relationship Rig
Day Two Memes, Quotes and Advice – Relationship Rig

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