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Cheating – When Your Husband Cheats, It’s All Your Fault|R-R

It’s no news that most women around the world including you, tag men as polygamous in nature and cheats when it comes to relationship and marriage.

You feel it’s just in his DNA.

You say to yourself, “well, it’s just a very few percentage who do not cheat. So all men practically cheats”.

Only very few women out there in the world takes responsibility to the cause of a cheating husband. The blame is often on their husband.

What then can be the truth of this all?

Well, you will get to find out as you read on.

To clear the air and to have a perfect understanding of this post, you must first have the believe that not all men are cheats.

If we say good people exist in our world today, it’s evidence that bad people do exist also.

What is cheating all about and what does it mean to cheat?

It’s that really a question to talk about? Of course our definitions of cheating vary and are peculiar to us as individuals.

You should rather be concerned with more complex questions.

A big question you should consider is WHY DO MEN CHEAT, especially in marriages. Secondly, how can you help your husband from staying of the cliff of cheating?

This post will focus more on answering both questions above.

Having a cheat as husband

Having a cheat as a husband can really be frustrating and it breaks you at every single thought. You begin to live a life with your partner knowing no trust.

How can such marriage bring Joy if not sadness?

The bitter truth is that a man can be faithful and committed while in a relationship but looses those qualities when married.

What can be the cause of such negative change you may ask?

Things to note concerning a cheating husband

Let me talk you through some key things to note, most especially the things which triggers cheating in marriages from the male folks.

Cheating as a habit:

Whether you like it or not, cheating is a habit learned.

Yeah, it’s a habit and once your man has such habit before marriage, he’s more likely to cheat while in marriage.

It’s a habit glued to the lack of commitment.

So if you can’t get him to stay committed to you alone in a relationship, it’s obviously difficult to do it while in marriage.

It doesn’t mean people don’t rise and fall or change from bad to good.

Cheating is a decision:

Commitment is a decision and so is cheating.

A man who wants to cheat or one who has made up his mind to cheat will definitely cheat.

His mindset goes a long way.

But before this decision is made, some factors trigger them, giving reasons why cheating should be given a chance.

Unbalanced love in marriage breeds cheating:

Most women force their husbands to cheat.

How you may ask?

It’s all because they have failed to balance love between their husband and kids.

Majority of men who cheat on their wife have got growing kids.

When women start giving birth, they find it really difficult to show their husbands much care and love like they initially do.

Their attention is divided and focused more on their kids.

Most men feel the lack of love and care and it forces them to cheat.

Smart women implore strategies to balance love even while kids are coming, just to keep their husbands.

Kids shouldn’t have all the care for you aren’t married to them but your husband. Strike a balance and save your marriage.

Staying Sexy:

80% of women find it really difficult to look attractive even after marriage and child birth.

The bitter truth is that they know exactly what gets their husbands attracted but fail to do it. Do we call that greed or opening the window of cheating?

Women are too quick to forget married men remains prey to single ladies.

Yeah, it’s hard work to continuously look attractive to your husband, but it remains a necessary work to keep the man you love.

It’s one of the things people do for love.

It takes time to keep fit, especially after childbirth. What some men want to see is just your effort to keep fit and win them over again and again.

Your continuous effort to look good and sexy just for your husband minimizes the chances of him cheating.

After the day’s work, he finds himself running home to meet the sexiest lady on earth, his wife. He has just little time to hang around and no space for cheating for he’s pre-occupied mentally by your everyday dose of attraction.

Genuine Love:

The changes which come as a result of marriage and age are just so numerous.

Once a man marries out of genuine love, even when these changes in marriage such as child birth and aging strikes, he remains committed.

His level of self-control and tolerance are greatly raised by genuine love.

Are you wondering about how to know he truly loves you genuinely?

He sees beyond the physical and still wants only you.

Else, these changes can make him take a turn at some other lady.

How then can you help him stay committed without cheating?

Helping your man stay committed isn’t a big deal. You can hold on to this little guide.

It’s as simple as giving ears to the factors which triggers cheating in a man.

  • Give him attention as much as he needs and pamper him like your baby not minding his size. His heart still needs it no matter how matured he looks.
  • Respect his sexual urge.
  • Marry one who loves you genuinely.
  • Stay sexy and present yourself in different packages he love, so he doesn’t get enough to look elsewhere.
  • Be unique and give him more reasons why he must never give cheating a shot.

What most women do, leading their husband into cheating


Until you understand what sex mean to men, don’t get married. If you must get married, do not deny your husband sex.

It’s more than you think or can imagine.

Denying your husband sex not minding what your reasons are, causes him emotional and mental injury. These injuries can change his character and pattern of thought faster than one can imagine.

You have no idea of how other ladies may be begging him for just a chance but he chooses you,  hoping to have it all with you.

It’s a man’s world and woman of older generations understands it better than this generation.

Most women have even taken it as a habit to deny their husband sex at the slightest dispute.

The ball is always on your court, kick to whatever direction you choose.

The moment you start denying your husband sex, your wedding husband! Then you are sowing the seeds of cheating, molestation and violence.


The moment you fail to take proper care of him, he will seek it elsewhere for men can’t survive without being cared for.

Yeah, all married men want to feel care.

Permit me to tell you about a good woman from down Africa within the Igbo race, named Obikwelu Chioma.

Obikwelu Chioma goes to her husband every morning after her little play to cheer him up, makes a detailed enquire of what he would like to eat for the day.

She prepares her food based on the request and choice of her husband, making him feel so well placed like a king with a powerful kingdom.

Her strength in managing their home won her the title, “A CAPABLE WIFE AND HER HUSBAND PRIDE”.

She understand that for her husband growth both physically and mentally, he needs to be served good food both at the dinner and when it’s time for inter-house sport in bed.

Obikwelu Chioma since the day of her wedding has continued to care for her so much that his reign of kingship remained with her alone.


Even when it is assumed that most women nag a lot, no man on earth can cope with a nagging woman.

It’s frustrating.

If you must nag, then do it sensibly.

Permit me to tell you about two wives married to Ilobi Eric.

Eric, after the day’s work came back home and on meeting his first wife Gemame Osunde, she immediately starts to complain after greeting her husband, Eric.

Her complains were sensible, more about their kids and Eric’s second wife Elo Mercy.

Eric struggled to pull through and while inside his house meet his second wife.

She greeted him…

Gave him a welcome peck and say, “I trust your day must be really stressful, it’s written all over you my love.

Let me help you with your suit, I already made you dinner and by the way, you must keep to the rules.

Walk majestically into the bathroom and take your bath. A bucket of warm water is ready for you there.

After that, dinner will be on the table waiting for you to devour it mercilessly”

Elo Mercy then leads him on.

And after dinner just when Eric is ready to hold conversations, she brings up complains about the kids and his second wife.

So then I ask you, which complain do you think Ilobi Eric will pay much of an attention to?

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What do you think of this post?

Was it helpful?

Do well to leave me a comment, complaint, advice or suggestions.

You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

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A Few Resources

Here is a handful of some of the resources of the blog, Relationship Rig.

newlyweds showing wedding rings on ring fingers


Recently I had a series of private phone sessions with a person who was very frustrated. Listen to how this person described their situation. I bet you’ll be able to relate to it.

This person said they felt trapped in their basement trying to communicate with their spouse via Morse Code. They said they were banging on the pipes trying desperately to be heard. They would bang on the pipes and wait for a response. Bang and wait…bang and wait…bang and wait. But each time they finished banging, there was silence. No matter how hard they banged and no matter how long they waited; their spouse never heard them.

Are you trying to get heard? Do you feel ignored? Is your spouse not responding to your communication?

We live in an interesting time. With one click, you can communicate with anyone in the world. It’s easy, quick, and free. You even have options. If you don’t want to click, you could dial, beep, page, instant-message, or Fed Ex. It’s true. Your ability to communicate with the outside world has become increasingly easy. But my guess is that your ability to communicate with your spouse has become increasingly difficult.

The reason for this is that most people confuse INFORMATION communication with PERSONAL communication. Technological advancements give us all sorts of options to communicate information. But how do you feel the pulse of someone’s soul? How do you communicate the subtleties in your heart? You can’t text message that. You can have the latest and greatest in communication gadgets, but it won’t matter. PERSONAL communication is a whole different ball game. And it’s PERSONAL communication that determines the success or failure of your marriage.

I’m reminded of a scene from a Broadway play. A man and woman happen to meet on a train and engage in polite conversation. They were both headed home to New York after a day in New Haven, CT. After further discussion, they learned that they were going to the same building on Fifth Avenue. Lo and behold they discovered that they had the same daughter and lived in the same apartment. They finally discovered that they were husband and wife.

You know what’s killing marriages these days? EMAIL! More and more I’m seeing husbands and wives resort to email to communicate with each other. You want to do something tangible TODAY to improve your marriage? STOP EMAILING YOUR SPOUSE! Email is for INFORMATION. But in a marriage you’ve got to HEAR each other. And I don’t mean hear the sounds of each other’s words. You’ve got to be able to hear the silence between the sounds and interpret the unspoken meaning of a pressed lips or teary eyes. You’ve got to be able to hear the shapes and sounds in each other’s heart. You can NOT accomplish this via email.

And let me be clear about something; you can’t do it with communication techniques either. There’s no clinical communication therapy that can help you and your spouse think each other’s thoughts, feel each other joy, and cringe from each other’s pain. My 1-on-1 phone session schedule and the Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp are filled with casualties from traditional communication strategies and the usual marriage counseling approach. If you’re like most people with marriage trouble, you’ve been down that path and you know that it does NOT work.

Today my 4-year-old son came to me with a bruise on his leg. He was crying and I could see that it was black and blue. He said, “Daddy, I need a band-aide.”

I responded, “But it’s not bleeding.”

He said again, “Daddy, can you put a band-aide on it?”

I realized that my son’s perspective was that when something hurts a band-aide makes it better…even if it’s a bruise and not a cut.

So what does this have to do with communication in a marriage? Because most people think that if spouses aren’t hearing each other that communication techniques will solve the problem. But that’s like putting a band-aide on a bruise. It’s the wrong solution.

Communication techniques can help colleagues transmit INFORMATION clearly. Communication techniques belong in seminars that teach negotiation and sales. But you’re not trying to complete a transaction with your spouse; you’re trying to renew a relationship. I can almost guarantee you that your problem is not clarity; it’s concern. Ironically, communication techniques sometimes give people clarity that they don’t care what their spouse thinks or feels. They “got it,” but “it” doesn’t matter to them anymore.

How do you get back to the place where you and your spouse care again?

This is one of the things that’s unique about the Marriage Fitness approach to repairing a relationship versus traditional counseling. Most approaches to marriage success preach communication skills. But communicating effectively will NOT create love in your marriage. In fact, the correlation is the opposite. Creating love in your marriage paves the way for effective communication. I’ll prove it to you.

Think about when you fell in love. How was your communication? Good, right? In fact, when you’re in love, you communicate with the wink of an eye and you can finish each other’s sentences. And yet you haven’t known each other that long and you haven’t learned any communication techniques.

Then, years later, after getting to know each other inside and out, employing psychologically tested and proven communication strategies, and taking into account all the differences between Mars and Venus, you can’t get through to each other.

Listen carefully: Communication has very little to do with techniques or knowledge of each other. It has everything to do with the depth of connection between the communicators.

The question you should be asking is NOT, “How do I communicate effectively with my spouse.” The question you should be asking is, “How do I connect with my spouse again?” Once you reconnect, you won’t be sitting in silence in the basement. You’ll hear the sound of the pipes from above. It’ll be your spouse. You were heard. 

If you want to learn how to connect with your spouse again, subscribe to my FREE report, “7 Secrets for a Stronger Marriage” and get my FREE marriage assessment. CLICK HERE to subscribe. It’s FREE.

just married couple in wedding rings


Have you ever been to a winery?

Can you imagine what it would be like to be one of those grapes? Really…play along with me here for a moment.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be plucked, pushed, crushed, pressed, skinned, and fermented? OUCH! The pain! What’s the point of it all?

A lot of people feel that way about the pain they experience in their marriage. “Why am I doing this? Where is this relationship going?”

But just as a grape goes through a difficult process before it becomes a fine wine, sometimes our marriage has to go through a painful process before it matures.

The people who have the best marriages are NOT people who grew up well-adjusted, have healthy adult lives, and normal parents. People like that usually have OKAY marriages.

The BEST marriages are with couples who were crushed, who went through a painful process, and who built their relationship from the ruins of broken hearts.

There’s an ancient song by King David, “Those who sow in tears will reap harvest in glad song.”

And so it is that pain is often the preview to pleasure. Any woman who has experienced child birth can testify to this truth.

In my work doing marriage coaching, I have noticed that very often the turning point in a marriage is when a couple hits rock bottom. It’s not until they’ve been through the worst that things start to get better.

But the turnaround in a marriage is NOT automatic. Just because you hit bottom, does NOT mean you’ll bounce back. If you don’t make it happen, you’ll just crash. In order to turn your marriage around, you have to take RESPONSIBILITY.

What does it REALLY mean to be responsible? A person who is responsible has the ABILITY to RESPOND. In other words, if you take response-ability for your marriage, then your marriage is not determined solely by what happens; it’s also determined by how you RESPOND to what happens.

A responsible person is not a victim to their circumstances. They are the master of their fate. How you respond to your marital circumstances today WILL determine your marital circumstances tomorrow. YOUR actions create your marriage. You can turn sour grapes into a fine wine.

If you know how to do this, then do it now. If you need help, then USE ME. I can help you. Years ago my marriage was hours from “done.” I turned it around and I can show you how too. I’ve helped thousands of marriages. Have you seen the miracle stories on my web site?

Making a relationship work is not mystical. Love is NOT a mystery. You don’t have to be “lucky in love.” You can “make love.” You just have to know the recipe.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you, subscribe to my FREE report, “7 Secrets for a Stronger Marriage” and get my FREE marriage assessment. CLICK HERE to subscribe. It’s FREE.

close up photo of man kissing woman


Many people think the goal of life is to be happy. I don’t think so.

Have you ever been to a funeral? That’s not a time to be happy. It’s a time to be sad. Did you ever take the SAT’s, the MCAT’s, or any other important entrance test? That’s not a time to be happy. It’s a time for intensity. Have you ever waited for test results from a medical exam? That’s not a time to be happy. It’s a time to worry. Have you ever encountered a lot of turbulence on an airplane? That’s not a time to be happy. It’s a time to be scared.

The goal of life is NOT to be happy. The goal of life is to know what time it is.

“Everything has its season. And there is a time for everything under the heaven.”

“A time to be born and a time to die.”

“A time to weep and time to laugh.”

“A time to wail and time to dance.”

“A time to rend and time to mend.”

“A time to be silent and a time to speak.”

“A time to love and a time to hate.”

“A time for war and a time for peace.”

What time is it for you?

If you’re reading this, then maybe it’s time to renew your marriage. Is so, then subscribe to my FREE report, “7 Secrets for a Stronger Marriage” and get my FREE marriage assessment. CLICK HERE to subscribe. It’s FREE.

black man with feather in hand

8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You|R-R

What do guys really want in a relationship has been a question bordering most girls.

Do you really care to know what things he needs in a relationship that can even make him marry you?

Guys over time are becoming more and more complicated like girls, which has thrown a lot of girls into confusion when they try to figure out what guys really want in a relationship.

I know you are one of those beautiful ladies out there wanting to know what your guy really wants in the relationship to help you secure and build a better relationship with you.

I’m pleased to announce that you are in the right place.

Let’s dive into it right away!

What do guys want in a relationship?
What exactly do guys want from girls?
Love, Couple, Two, Lavstori, Sweethearts, Happiness

Things a guy seeks in a relationship before considering marriage

This list from Relationship Rig, after a wide survey conducted among various guys, will expose to you the common things a guy seeks while in a relationship with you.

Do you want him to propose to you sooner than later?

If yes, you need to take this post seriously.

  1. Beauty
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Beauty as it’s often said is within the eyes of the beholder.

A girl whom “man A” may call beautiful, may not seem as beautiful in the eyes of “man B”.

The spec of guys that define beauty to them differs.

You should know your man’s definition of beauty.

Find out even before dating what skin color he likes in a girl, what body size or weight, what kind of height, and all things which get him attracted to you including makeover and dressings.

All guys want their girls to look beautiful in their eyes.

Once you match his spec, he’s sure to value you even more. He always wants to see your beauty as he takes pride in it.

Does your man think you are beautiful personally to him rather than randomly?

You need to figure that out.

  1. Good Character
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Your character is one thing that defines you to a great extent. He will never tell you or talk about your character, but all guys observe the character of their girl closely.

No guy wants to have a genuine relationship with a girl with bad characters.

He can put up with your bad character only if he’s down for just sex. But thinking about marriage is a big “No” for guys.

As a lady, you should work daily on your character.

Once you possess a good character and you’re beautiful, you will just be a few steps to becoming his wife.

  • Say no to nagging
  • Appreciate his efforts
  • Accept him for who he really is and don’t give him a reason to fake
  • Make him feel you’re ready to support him no matter how little your efforts are
  • Don’t compare him with other guys
  • Respect his family and friends
  1. Respect
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

There’s no guy in the world who feels comfortable with a girl who doesn’t respect them.

Respect is a plus to good character.

He needs your respect even before your love.

How can you love him without being respectful? It’s all like love never existed.

If you don’t respect him, he won’t complain but trust me; his ratings of value for you will be extremely poor.

He will choose someone over you who respect him more.

He wants you to be loyal.

Loyalty to your man pays off.

Once you are loyal and give him respect, he will value you more than anything in the world and will automatically become difficult for someone to snatch him away.

Your gift of loyalty and respect is liked gold; very precious to him.

  1. Be Simple
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Men know that ladies are naturally complicated and it’s already hard work for them to understand a lady.

You shouldn’t be more complicated.

He wants you to be simple and easy to understand.

Understanding your man makes him value you more. Once you don’t really understand your man, it pushes you to nag and virtually all men can’t cope with a nagging lady.

  • Be simple and smart
  • Be teachable
  • Don’t be too materialistic
  • Surprise him often
  • Learn to manage and cope with him
  • Be tolerable

Give him all these touches and he will stay glued to you without cheating.

Once he feels all these in you, you automatically become the picture of a wife in his mind.

  1. Secrets
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Guys know girls are always full of secrets. He doesn’t want a random girl that does what all other girls do.

He needs a unique girl.

Guys feel irritated when their girl is hiding things from them.

You need to learn to trust. Loving someone you don’t trust is bullshit.

Once you trust your man, there will be no need to keep things from him.

He wants you to always open up. When he asks you what the problem is or are, instead of saying “nothing”, tell him everything.

Keeping things to yourself makes him feel you’ve got no to trust him.

Are you that girl who is so secretive?

He sees you so moody and asks what the problem is, instead of telling him you are on your menstrual period; you just say “nothing”.

How do you expect him to understand you when you keep many things away from him?

It’s really difficult if not impossible.

Learn to be open with your guy, as that’s what he wants.

  1. Truthfulness
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Thousands of girls have stalked her, as they often lie to their guys.

Lying to someone you love is madness.

Don’t give excuses that you lie to protect them. It’s all nonsense.

Guys never joke with a girl who is honest and truthful.

Tell him the truth; he wants to hear nothing but the truth. Once you lie often to your guy, his value for you will diminish and may never be up again.

One lie told needs more lie to back it up. You can’t keep lying.

He always wants to hear nothing but the truth in all circumstances.

  1. Faithfulness
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

A guy in love will naturally be jealous. He never wants to share you with anyone.

He wants a complete love with maximum attention from you like a possession.

Don’t be a cheat.

No guy wants to date or marry a cheat, but guys are willing to have sex with a lady who cheats.

Be faithful to your man, as it saves you stress and keeps you focused.

  1. Peace
8 Things A Guy Wants In A Relationship Which Will Make Him Marry And Value You

Are you that girl he feels comfortable to be with especially when he’s troubled?

If you aren’t, you need to be.

Guys want peace. They don’t tolerate girls who steal their peace, which birth joy.

When you don’t give him the peace he desires, he will cheat on you.

Don’t be troublesome.

Be that girl he can lean on and talk to any time, feeling so comfortable, even in times of troubles.

Be that girl that can bring him balance and stability.

He wants peace when with you.


The set of men considered while structuring this post are those who aren’t into drugs or addicted to gambling.

What men want or need from a woman are so simple but many have failed to understand or pay close attention to them.

I hope you start today.

Help your man to love you even more for a better relationship.

The ball is on your curt if you want him to propose to you in no time. Play your card right.

Quick Questions to ask you – oil to what a guy really wants

How many girls buy their guy’s things?

Take their guys out or pay for his food?

How may see him off to cut his hair of pay for his hair cut?

Buy drinks for him and his friends?

How many come visiting without being called?

give their guy surprises?

call them to come online for a chat because they miss him?

try to get him airtime or data sub. ?

check up on him often?

How many say hi on chat without him sending a message first?

have educative talks with their guys?

are willing to know how his hustle has been?

How many show interest in his hustle?

How many can support their man?

And the list goes on and on.

Examine yourself and start giving him what he wants.  

What do you think of this post?

Was it helpful?

Do well to leave me a comment, complaint, advice, or suggestions.

You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

And if this is your first time reading from us at Relationship Rig, you’re highly welcomed; we long to see you more often. They’re more helpful and interesting posts waiting for you here…

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A Few Resources

Here is a handful of some of the resources of the blog, Relationship Rig.

cheerful newlywed couple standing under rain

10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today|R-R

Have you wondered why the rate of divorce keeps going high? Most divorces are a result of boredom in marriages.

10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today

You should be asking, what really makes one bored in marriage?

What can you do when you get totally bored with your marriage life?

What do you do when you stop feeling the vibes you felt initially when you newly got wedded?

Hey dear, do you think you can’t get bored in your marriage?

And to you, if your marriage is really bored right now, what things do you think you can do to save your marriage from boredom?

This post will help teach you how to spice things up in your marriage life, thereby eliminating all forms of boredom.

Relax as I unfold these helpful tips to enable you to have a lively marriage.

Helpful Tips to Spice up Your Marriage

Your marriage will take a new turn to fun and lasting joy if you take note of these helpful tips to spice up your marriage life.

10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today
  1. Communication

The need for communication in marriage can’t be overemphasized.

“No marriage exists without communication”

-Imaeruaka Joseph

Once marriage is concerned, the room can’t be filled. You should communicate often with your partner if you wish to quench boredom in your marriage.

Communicating well with your partner helps you know what really works and what doesn’t work.

Since you have a lifetime to spend with your partner, there isn’t a need to get tired of communicating with them from time to time.

No matter what situations surround your marriage, always try to talk things out with your partner.

As soon as communication with your partner begins to lose weight, boredom will set in to destroy your marriage.

If you value your marriage so much, you must put in more effort to communicate effectively and efficiently at all times with your partner.

Share those beautiful moments you once had.

  1. Cooking Together

A successful marriage encourages the spirit of togetherness.

Cooking together is really a nice idea if you need to spice things up in your marriage.

Although there may not be a chance for you to do this often with your partner, a try once in a while can save your marriage from boredom.

Don’t say you don’t know how to cook.

The key words remain “cooking together” not alone.

You can help support things while your partner cooks or prepares to cook. It’s all fun and you both will learn from each other, improving your cooking skill.

Cooking isn’t really much of a big deal except you see it as so.

You need to change those thoughts and start catching some fun in the kitchen with your partner.

  1. Hangout
10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today

No matter how long you have been married, going out on dates or hanging out with your partner isn’t a thing to end.

It should continue and get better year after year, as it helps make your marriage live more lively.

Take out time, pick some nice locations, and take your partner on a date.

It refreshes the love binding you both.

Don’t deprive yourself of the fun, sinking your marriage into boredom. Instead, be free to add more light by hanging out.

You may consider hanging out with other parents or with your spouse alone.

  1. Travel/Vacation

Traveling or going on vacation with your partner is a nice idea when you truly want to lighten up things in your marriage.

Although this may cost you a reasonable amount of money sometimes, I bet saving your marriage from boredom is worth the cash.

10 Things Which Can Guarantee Your Marriage Life Is Free From Boredom Today

Consider picking dream locations that your partner may have talked about with you. Visit the best choice while trying to figure out a travel/vacation location.

The environment has a big role to play in love life. Having that little tweak in location will save your relationship from boredom.

A vacation even if it isn’t a constant practice will save your marriage doing you better.

  1. Bathing Together

Surprised to see this among the list?

Yes, it’s part of it.

When you feel you’re bored in your marriage, try to stop the rush bath each day.

Jump into the bathroom with your partner and take a bath together. Don’t forget to explore all features of their body as marriage has given you a right to them all.

It’s time to revive the undying kid’s play you have within you.

Play like a kid with your partner in the bathroom but never forget work time is always near.

The rush time and fun kicks boredom far away from your marriage.

  1. Sex

It’s no news that couples have sex in marriage right?


When married, sex is like a meal you consume often.

Having sex can be a lot more fun, decreasing any tendency of boredom in marriage when both partners prepare themselves appropriately for the mood.

Try as much sex position in which you are comfortable within your marriage. Explore and keep exploring as that’s the vital key to using sex to quench boredom in marriages.

  1. Shopping

As you keep complaining about how boring your marriage has become, have you taken time to ask yourself when last you took your partner out for shopping.

Come on.

It’s not the responsibility of just you or your partner alone. You can decide to take each out of shopping.

Taking your partner out for shopping will leave nothing but smile on their faces and a smiling face has successfully overcome boredom.

  1. Having a line between kids time and partner’s time

Most individuals get tired and bored of marriage simply because the time which should be meant for them is been shared with the kids.

As the common saying goes, “there’s time for everything”, so should you have time for your partner as well as your kid.

Lacking proper time management implies drowning your marriage in boredom.

When you fail to share a reasonable or quality amount of time with your partner because of your kids, you have invariably begun to lose your partner and marriage.

Strike a balance when it comes to time for kids and your partner and you can be sure to have a happy home and a marriage free from the chains of boredom.

  1. Complimenting each other

Whenever you compliment your partner, you sow seeds of a positive vibe in them, which lightens their mood.

What then happens when you do that more often?

You may have successfully increased the zeal in them to make you happy at all costs.

And when both partners in a marriage are happy, boredom becomes really confused, getting lost automatically.

Sometimes, we have the keys to a successful marriage but fail to use them.

It will take just a little effort from you to compliment your partner.

Why don’t you do that more often?

  1. Confession of love

The fact that you’re married doesn’t mean you wouldn’t confess your love to your spouse once in a while.

At some point, when you sense your partner may be getting fed up with the marriage or is getting really tired and bored, confess love genuinely to them.

Let them know how much you love them and how special you think they are and how lucky you feel to have them.

Whenever you confess your love right before your partner, it makes them grow tender and having a conclusion at heart to love you as much as you confessed.

Such thoughts will begin to have a positive effect on your marriage life and a form of fun that boredom can’t withstand.

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Killing boredom completely in your marriage means falling in love again and again with your partner.

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