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20 Exceptional Ideas To Celebrate Any Anniversary At Home|R-R

Have you been considering how to celebrate an anniversary at home, without having any idea? It’s time to consider these 20 exceptional ideas to celebrate any anniversary at home.

Read on for ideas on how to celebrate an anniversary at home. The best part? Most of these ideas can be done on the cheap, and many of them don’t even require leaving the house (or putting on real clothes). Remember how we said this could end up being the best anniversary ever?

Order Takeout


If there’s ever an occasion not to cook, it’s on an anniversary! Go ahead, order takeout from a favorite restaurant — maybe the one that would be included in the plans if leaving the house was an option on the table. Go for pizza, or something even fancier than that. The food will make the night even more special.

Get All Dressed Up

To make the night feel even more special, dress up — even though nobody else will see the nice outfit, it feels good to put effort in for each other, especially after years and years together. Plus, it could end up making for some cute self-timer pics of the evening.

Have a Movie Night


With more and more movies streaming that would have premiered in theaters, there are a lot of great options for an at-home movie night — and watching an old favorite can definitely be one of them. Cuddle up on the couch and make popcorn, or even rent a projector and screen for the backyard. This can be as simple or as exciting as the situation allows!

Cook a Meal Together

Cooking together before enjoying a meal can make for a really fun date night, especially for couples who happen to be foodies. Pick out a fun recipe together online and order the ingredients, or cook a recipe from a meal kit like HelloFresh. Then, enjoy the results of all that hard work!

Recreate the First Date

Of course, staying at home makes this challenge all the more difficult, but having to get creative is part of the fun! It’s also a great opportunity to look back on memories from when the relationship was still new. A lot may have changed since then!

Share Favorite Wedding Memories

An anniversary is a great time to look back at the day it all started! Watch videos and look at photos from the big day, talk about the memories that have lasted all this time, even throw those wedding outfits back on (more power to everyone involved if they still fit!). It can be a great reminder of all the love that has stood the test of time.

Go Camping at Home

This can involve pitching an actual tent in the living room or building a fort out of blankets and couch cushions — go ahead, get creative! Camp out indoors for the night. Watch movies, drink some wine, and see where the night goes. It’s a change of pace, and it can definitely be fun!

Go on a Picnic in the Backyard


Grab a blanket, prepare a meal (or order some takeout), and eat outside for fun! This can be done at night or during the day — bonus points for setting the mood with some fun twinkly lights or a bonfire, which can be especially romantic during the winter months.

Take an Online Class

Since everybody’s staying home more these days, learning new skills online is easier than ever before, and it can definitely make for a fun anniversary activity! Sign up for an online class and learn a new skill together — cooking, bartending, or even just chill out and do some yoga.

Stay Unplugged

Take the anniversary as the occasion to rise to a special challenge: No phones or computers for the entire evening. Instead, focus on each other and the conversation. That kind of dedicated, undivided attention on each other can really make the night feel special, and with how stressful life gets, sometimes it’s exactly what we need.

Dance in the Living Room

Or the kitchen … or the bedroom … or anywhere. Play some favorite music, or even that special wedding day playlist (including the first dance song!). This might not be something that happens often at home, but it can be fun, special, and even a little silly for any date night that doesn’t involve going out somewhere with actual dancing.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Now that more people are staying at home, virtual wine tastings have actually become a thing — who knew! Of course, this takes a little bit of planning ahead, but there are a lot of wineries supplying everything needed for a virtual wine tasting. Don’t forget to make a fancy charcuterie board to snack on!

Tackle a DIY Project

We all have plenty of projects around the house that need to get done — or fun ideas pinned to our Pinterest boards — so why not use the night to tackle one of them? Working together for a common goal like this can be a fun way to spend time together, and in the end, celebrate the accomplishment and admire the result … preferably with chocolate.

Exchange Letters

Before the anniversary hits, take time to write letters to each other about what the time spent together has meant to each other. Share favorite memories, make new promises to each other — anything goes. Then, on the anniversary itself, exchange them. It’s a sweet gesture and makes for an unforgettable gift.

Adopt a Pet

Of course, it’s important to be on the same page about this ahead of time … but if adopting a pet has been something that’s discussed already, an anniversary can be a perfect time to welcome a furry friend into the household. Dog, cat, or fish, there’s plenty of love to go around.

Do an Activity Together

This could be anything, from organizing the linen closet (hey, some people are into that) to building a complicated set of Lego to even queueing up a Bob Ross video and learning how to paint happy little trees like a pro. Anything that breaks with the norm will be a lot of fun.

Play a Game

Play a board game that’s been collecting dust on the shelf, or compete against each other in a video game like Mario Kart — whatever it is, it’ll allow a little fun … something we don’t always get in our everyday lives, especially over the past year.

Take a Walk

Time to get outside! Taking a walk together — even just around the neighborhood — can be a fun activity to do on an anniversary, especially if the weather is nice. Leave the phones at home and have an hour or two of fresh air and undisturbed conversation.

Order a Date Night in a Box

Another plan that takes a little prepwork, but it will almost definitely be worth it! There are many services out there that offer up a date night in a box, like the (appropriately titled) Date Night In A Box subscription. Everything needed for a fun night in is included in the box, which takes the work out of it.

Have an At-Home Spa Night


What could be better to celebrate with than a night of relaxation? Grab some face masks, some nice smelling bubble bath, light some candles, and spend the night with a little luxury. Give each other massages, and don’t forget the cozy bath robes!

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big wild turtle swimming in seawater

4 Best Places to Visit in Montreal If You Have Tweens|R-R

best places to visit in Montreal

Spicing life with your tween can really be nice. this post reveals 4 best places to visit in Montreal if you have tweens.

Montreal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada. The primary language you’ll hear is French, though English is widely accepted. Montreal has a long list of tourist attractions. Luckily, many of these attractions are sure to entertain those of us with tweens. Below are some of the best places to visit in Montreal for parents with kids this age.

Zip Along the Old Port

If your family is into adventurous excursions, you should consider taking a ride on the zipline in the Old Port of Montreal. This zipline is a first in Canada. You climb up an 85 foot-tall tower and then get geared up for an exhilarating zipline experience. This activity sends you on a 1,200-foot zipline that allows you to soak in the spectacular views of Montreal. 

The cool thing about this zipline is that two people can do it side by side. It only takes 30 minutes to complete, and it should appeal to thrill-seekers of all ages. It’s a safe, family-friendly activity, and you’ll receive a complimentary photo of your adventure as a souvenir. 

Meet the Animals at the Biodome


I think we can agree that regardless of one’s age – animals are always a big hit. The Montreal Biodome incorporates an indoor replica of our natural world. You can walk through various biospheres and check out the different species that live within each dome.

Some of the habitats you can expect to encounter are a tropical rainforest, an Arctic polar area, the Laurentian forest, as well as the St Lawrence marine ecosystem. You can view over 300 animal species at the Biodome, along with 750 plant species. Some fascinating animals to look out for include lynxes, beavers, and penguins, as well as various types of birds. 

The Biodome is a decent size, and full of new views, so it shouldn’t bore your tweens too quickly! If you need a vehicle to get around, you should think about hiring one. Globe Car & Truck Rental mentions how easy it is to rent a car in 2 minutes in the city. 

Interested in other animal attractions? We love the Toronto Zoo! ~J

Experience the Thrill at La Ronde Amusement Park

We know that kids adore amusement parks. So, make sure you visit this exciting landmark on your Montreal trip. The La Ronde amusement park forms part of Six Flags and sits on a small island named Île Sainte-Hélène, near downtown Montreal. 

La Ronde features roller coasters for daredevils of all ages. There’s the intense Slingshot ride, which throws you a whopping 245 feet into the sky. There’s also the Vampire that’s a roller coaster that goes backward. 

For the more timid tweens, there’s plenty of low-key rides as well. The ever-popular bumper cars and Ferris wheel are available as well, which makes for an all-round family experience.

Attend a Festival

Montreal is known as a city of festivals. If you can only choose one, then take your family on an outing to the Cirque du Soleil for an unforgettable show. The Cirque du Soleil was born in Montreal and continues to set the bar for the art scene. 

Family members of all ages will be awed by the incredible acrobatics, choreography, and showstopping stunts of this sensational show. If you happen to visit Montreal in July, expect all the stops. July is when the city hosts its annual Montreal Cirque Festival, an international event that focuses on circus performances. You can view up to seven other touring circus acts from well-known companies like Cirque Cavalia, Cirque Corteo, and Cirque Eloize.


While it may be tough traveling the world with unpredictable tweens, it’s not impossible. Make sure you do your homework before visiting new cities and set up a precise itinerary to accommodate all your family members. Try your best to visit the best places in Montreal when you get the chance!

Ashley Lipman is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion for providing knowledge to readers worldwide on topics closest to her heart – all things digital. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches touching the digital sphere.

I have not yet taken the girls on a tourist trip to Montreal. We fly out of the airport there for our vacations, but I think they are old enough now to appreciate the history of the Old Port, and walk for ages (which it what I love doing when visiting cities.)

What is your favourite tourist spot in Montreal – with or without tweens? We’re starting a bucket list of places to visit, and what to do there, so leave your suggestions in the comments!

mother and daughter sitting on the sand

How to Survive Travelling with Kids and Tweens|R-R

Travelling with kids can really be much of a big deal, teens too can make it also stressful. Here is how you can survive travelling with kids and tween

As a family, we do a lot of car travelling.  Sometimes long distances, usually only an hour or two at a time.  But no matter how much time you spend traveling with kids, you will inevitably hear, “Are we there yet?!?”

I’m here to tell you that there are some ways you can (hopefully) keep your kids entertained while travelling.  And I don’t just mean by giving them a screen, or using the DVD player in your car.  (Do they still put DVD players in cars?  We’ve never had one…)

Survive travelling with kids

Our longest trip so far has been on the Amtrak, traveling from Syracuse, NY to Orlando, Florida.  We drove to Syracuse (2 hours or so), spent the night, then boarded a train and just went for 30 hours, give or take.  Then we did it all again coming back.  That was a LONG trip, but we survived.  The neat thing about the train is it stops here and there and you can get out, stretch your legs, and look around at different scenery for a few minutes.

I enjoyed the train, but it’s not great for sleeping, and the way home seems a lot less exciting than the way there…

Check out these easy ways to survive traveling with kids and tweens


This one is easily geared to your child’s age.  We love to talk about our travels.  My kids like to know how long we’ll be in the car, what they can bring to play with, and what’s at the other end.  Being 7 and 9 they can pretty well pack a travel bag for what they need for the entire trip. (I’m still in charge of clothes and toiletries.)  Some parts of that bag will be car-friendly, and some won’t.  But often this level of planning helps them stay interested in the trip.

Something we haven’t done because we haven’t travelled more than 4 or 5 hours from home by car is making, or using, a map.  Letting the kids “trace” their way along and read about, or draw in, cool things they see along the way.  Historical plaques, wildlife, even rest stops that have something interesting about them can all be inspiration for a drawing or small story.  You could make your own map, print out something from Google Maps or give it a search on Pinterest and see if anyone else has taken a similar trip and borrow some of their ideas.


My favourite part of being in the car is listening to music.  My husband doesn’t mind music, but when travelling gets rough, or the kids get out of hand, the music is the first thing to go.  If you’re likely to enjoy music together, make a playlist to take with you.  There’s something about singing together as a family that makes life more fun.

Ways to Survive Travelling with Kids and Tweens

When I was growing up my sister and I shared a walkman and had 2 pairs of headphones with a Y adapter.  We eventually graduated to a discman each, so we didn’t have to listen to the same thing.  But either way Mom and Dad didn’t have to listen to our fun pop music.  And Alison and I learned to share and compromise on music.  Now my girls and I share close enough music tastes that we just turn up the radio and sing along together!

Motion Sickness

I don’t know about your family, but we get some motion sickness sometimes.  That means no reading in the back seat, and making sure everyone can see out the windows well.  Sometimes that requires staying in a booster seat for longer than legally required, so the kids can see out well enough to keep the vestibular system working properly.  We have 2 backless booster seats that work well for the girls.  And they’re easily movable if someone else wants to take them somewhere in a different car.  I still suffer from motion sickness sometimes – especially when I’m trying to use my phone in the car.  I have to put it away, keep my head up, and take some deep breaths.

We always keep some plastic bags in the backseat of the car. (I once used a Ziploc baggie when we were in Mexico – Rose wasn’t feeling well on the bus from the resort back to the airport and somehow I had a baggie in my bag.  I was never so thankful for random baggies in my life!)  My car has pouches on the back of the front seats.  I grab more heavy-duty grocery bags (usually the ones you have to pay 5¢ for in the store), check that they don’t have holes, then stick 2 in the back of each seat.  I’m very glad that my girls almost always know when they’re going to be sick now.  Saves a lot of disgusting cleanups!

Survive Travelling With Kids


If you are travelling long distances, sleep is your friend.  My girls will sleep in the car – and that’s when we enjoy the quiet, or change the radio station to something we (the parents) enjoy.  When we took that long train trip, we slept overnight on the train.  We didn’t bring pillows, so the kids balled up our raincoats and did their best to get some shut eye.  It worked out okay, but that was not the best night’s sleep for any of us.

We did take our toothbrushes and toiletries in our “carry on” bag – a great tip for travelling long distances.  Even if you’re in the car, sometimes having them accessible for after meals or late night travelling when you’d like your kids to get some serious sleep on the journey is a time saver. 

Car games

We have a small arsenal of “car games” we play on all our road trips.  When the girls were learning letters and how to read we’d play the Alphabet Sign game: Starting with A, find a word on a sign that starts with each letter in the alphabet.  This gets tricky at Q, X, and Z (depending on where you’re traveling, of course!)  We still play this, it’s great for sounding out new words for my younger daughter.

We also play a Cow Game – but this one has ever changing rules.  You gain points for cows on your side of the car, and lose all your points when you pass a cemetery.  The catch is that the people on the other side of the car have to see your cemetery in order for it to count.  So if you see a cemetery don’t point it out – but keep watch for ones on the other side!  This game can be adapted – cows are our mainstay, but we also count horses and other farm animals.  If you see something more rare (deer, swans, other wildlife) you can decide how many cows they’re worth.  Right now we’re making a notebook with some better “rules” for the cow game so there’s less squabbling in the back seat.

If you don’t have to deal with motion sickness in your family (lucky!) you can buy magnetic games like checkers, get a lap desk and let them colour or draw, or even let them read.  We can’t do any of these, but I know there are people out there who can!

Get talking

For Rose, this is easy.  She talks non-stop, so get her started on something and you can just listen for hours.  She does need some reassurance that you’re listening, but ask a question here and there and she’ll talk your ear off.  Emma is more quiet so you need to ask pointed questions to get her talking.  A trick is to play a progressive story game.  Come up with an idea, and then go around the car having everyone make up the next part of the story.  It’s good if your kids get a bit silly with this.  (Maybe they’ll get so involved they won’t notice that you quietly stopped playing!)

Being “trapped” in the car is also a good way to talk to your kids where they have no choice but to listen to you.  Use this time wisely (ie don’t go on too long about your subject of choice.)  You can broach puberty or peer pressure topics, ask them how school is going – for real – or bring up other family stuff that you’ve been putting off talking about.  Just make sure you follow up these “heavy” talks with fun games or favourite radio stations so it doesn’t feel so serious in the car!

I’m sure there are a lot more ways to help you survive travelling with kids and tweens.  These are just the things I do as a (sometimes) travel mom.  I actually do a lot of these every time we’re in the car.  Even if we’re just driving to dance class or across town I will use the captive moments to try to connect with my kids – or let them connect with each other.  

Here are a few of my other travel posts:

What do you do when travelling with your kids?  Anything I totally forgot or neat things I didn’t think of?  Share them with me in the comments!  And enjoying travelling with your kids – it can be great fun for everyone.

family sitting at table

Parent Guide 2020 – Tips For Parents Of Picky Eaters|R-R

As a parent, how do you handle your child who is a picky eater? Having more than one picky eater can be a lot of stress.

It’s time to take that iconic old rainbow down from your fridge, parents.

Canada’s highly-anticipated new food guide was unveiled today, and it does away with serving sizes and food groups. Instead, the new guide — which is an image of a plate teeming with colorful and healthy food options — focuses on some more general guidelines such as drinking more water, choosing more whole-grain foods, eating more fruits and veggies, and eating more plant-based protein.

Easy enough, right?

HAHA sure, unless you’re feeding picky eaters trying to live solely off of butter noodles and milk.

The new guide focuses on shifting away from portions and more to proportions, and that’s an easy way for parents to visualize their child’s plate, Kate Comeau, a dietitian and spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada, says.

“Do they see half the plate covered in vegetables and maybe some sliced up apples or grapes, and maybe a quarter of that plate with whole grains and a quarter being that protein food?” Comeau said.

But some parents have the challenge of their kids being fixated on a particular food, like buttered noodles, or drinking so much milk that they’re not eating the food on their plates, Comeau said. This is when parents need to be patient and keep trying.

“The more we can offer that variety and find ways to integrate that variety of vegetables, the better it is.”

How to get kids to eat more whole grains

Parent Guide 2020 - Tips For Parents Of Picky Eaters

If your kid loves white pasta, switching to whole grain noodles might seem like an easy swap, but some kids might be put off by the different texture and stronger taste.

The new food guide recommends more whole grains, such as whole-grain pasta.

Try cooking a half-and-half serving, instead, to ease your kid into it, Comeau said. Start adding in a few whole wheat noodles to your kid’s serving of white noodles, and eventually switch over to 75 percent whole wheat, and finally make the full swap.

“This can help ease that transition,” she said.

You can do the same trick with white and brown rice, Comeau noted.

Helping kids discover new foods can be a challenge, but it’s an important one, she said. With school-aged kids, a trip to a bulk food store can be a good opportunity to explore a variety of whole grains and try just a small portion at a time.

Health Canada’s recipe for flatbread pizza using whole-grain tortillas seems like an easy win.

How to get kids to eat more veggies

Parent Guide 2020 - Tips For Parents Of Picky Eaters

The new food guide emphasizes the importance of fruits and vegetables, but the latter, at least, isn’t always an easy sell with kids.

Try experimenting with textures when it comes to veggies.

Try offering a variety of textures, Comeau said. Kids might not like cooked spinach, but might be OK with raw spinach, she explained.

“So instead of cooking it into a spaghetti sauce or soup, just serve it on the side and they can eat it by hand or in a salad,” Comeau said.

Carrots, broccoli, and many of the vegetables that we traditionally eat cooked can be more palatable for kids when they’re served raw, she said. Or, your child might prefer their cooked veggies if they’re mashed.

“Having a variety of textures can really help to improve what your child is eating.”

Health Canada’s recipe for mac and cheese with a veggie twist is another kid-friendly way to get some greens.

How to get kids to eat more plant-based protein

Parent Guide 2020 - Tips For Parents Of Picky Eaters

The new food guide recommends choosing protein foods that come from plants more often. But some kids will balk at beans and lentils.

Hummus is a yummy way to get plant-based proteins into kids.

Again, it’s important to think about texture, Comeau said.

Nut butter are probably the most kid-friendly plant-based proteins, Comeau said, and a puree such as hummus can make legumes a lot more palatable. And mashed black beans and mashed kidney beans in quesadillas are a great way to integrate these proteins into foods kids enjoy.

“That way your kid won’t be staring down a bowl of beans,” Comeau said.

Health Canada recommends this recipe for creamy hummus.

How to get kids to drink more water

Parent Guide 2020 - Tips For Parents Of Picky Eaters

The new food guide says water should be our drink of choice. This can be a tough one for kids who love juice, pop, and milk.

The new food guide recommends drinking more water.

Between this and dairy no longer being its own food group, parents might think their kids should be drinking less milk. But that’s not necessarily the case.

It’s important to remember that the guide is for the general population, and not meant for kids under the age of two, Comeau said. The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) notes that kids age two to eight who are not breastfed should drink two cups of cow milk or fortified soy beverage each day. Homogenized milk is recommended until age two, CPS said on their website, but cow milk is not recommended for kids younger than nine months.

“When kids are younger, having milk … as part of their every day is absolutely a nutritious beverage for them,” Comeau said.

Comeau recommends talking to a pediatrician or dietitian if you’re concerned your child is drinking too much milk and spoiling their appetite for other foods.

In terms of drinking more water, rehydrating during sports and other activities is a good place to start, Comeau said. Rehydrate kids with water instead of juice boxes or sports drinks. If your kid is used to drinking juice with meals, gradually shift over to the water, she added.

While you don’t need to cut juice from your kid’s diet completely, “children don’t need juice,” Comeau said.

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A Few Resources

Here is a handful of some of the resources of the blog, Relationship Rig.

close photography of grilled meat on griddle

7 Surprising Barbecue Dishes For Weekends Just For You|R-R

Are you considering to include barbecue on your weekend list? If yes, this post reveals 7 surprising barbecue dishes to make your weekends great.

Check out our list below.

weekend barbecue is set to be a one-household affair. It can still be a fun time, even if it’s more low-key than you’d like. Just get the whole family pumped up about the menu ― and hands-on with the prep ― for a memorable grill-out.

1. BBQ volcano potatoes

Who needs science classes, when you can create your own volcano potatoes, with oozing cheese for lava? The craters are buttery baked spuds, stuffed with ham and cheddar and wrapped in crispy bacon, then grilled on the barbecue, with the lid closed for 45 minutes to an hour. Jason King created the recipe, for the website BBQfood4U, and you can find full instructions here, for this literal taste explosion!

2. Cheesy cauliflower mushroom steaks

If vegetables are sometimes caused for dinner-table spats, your kids might see them in a new light, after sampling these grilled cauliflower steaks. They’re topped pizza-style with melted mozzarella and sliced button mushrooms and indisputably delicious. The recipe is by Rachel Maser, whose blog is called Clean Food Crush.

3. Chicken quesadilla hearts

Grill, I love you! Send a message to your pandemic bubble buddies with these tasty treats. They’re speedy to make, using rotisserie chicken, barbecue sauce, and pre-shredded cheese, so a good choice for pandemic-weary parents. Cook in a skillet or on the barbecue. The recipe is from the US grocery chain, Kroger.

4. Grilled s’mores pizza

Bringing together the carb-y comfort of pizza with the sweet gooeyness of s’mores is ingenious. This dessert will make you feel like everything’s going to be OK out there. Thank you, Michelle, the Chicago writer behind the blog Honest and Truly, for bringing this recipe into our lives.

5. Sesame yaki onigiri (grilled rice balls)

These satisfyingly salty appetizers are a great way to use up leftover rice from yesterday’s dinner and stretch out your pantry resources as long as possible. As well, you’ll make a tasty hand food that even little kids will enjoy; the onigiri can be sliced in two and subbed in for burger buns. The full recipe, by Caroline Russock, can be found on Serious Eats.

6. Grilled donuts

So you thought donuts couldn’t get any more scrumptious ― that’s because you’ve never tried tossing them on the barbecue. Grill ’em on both sides, to caramelize the glaze, then serve with a sweet dip, grilled fruits, or vanilla ice cream. Full instructions are on the lifestyle website The Merry Thought.

7. Sausage and shrimp kebabs

Roll over, pigs in blankets… the new party food we’re craving is surf-n-sausage on a stick! If your kid is old enough to be trusted not to run with a pointy skewer, they’re old enough to indulge. Julie Evink created this ingenious meal on a spike for the website Gimme Some Grilling.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What do you think of this post?

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And if this is your first time reading from us at Relationship Rig, you’re highly welcomed; we long to see you more often. They’re more helpful and interesting posts waiting for you here…

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A Few Resources

Here is a handful of some of the resources of the blog, Relationship Rig.