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The Most Powerful Hint Never To Ignore When Asking A Lady Out|R-R

As a guy, being interested in a girl is so nature, causing you to make moves to ask her out. Yeah, you alone know what exactly gets you attracted to a lady, before taking the bold step to as her out.

asking a lady out

Of course, asking a lady out isn’t as easy as many girls feel. Although for some guys, it’s no big deal but many struggle with grabbing the boldness required to ask a lady out.

It’s even more difficult to ask a lady out when in need of a serious relationship.

Most guys natural have got poor structure in asking a girl out. No matter how scared or shy you may be, there’s a simple guide you mustn’t fail to go by, because it matters a lot.

Are you wondering right now what that guide may be?

Chill, take a drink and read through, as that’s exactly what this post was made to discuss.

Without wasting even a sec., let’s dive right in.

Know this if you must ask a lady out

 This guide is made for you alone, to help you become smarter and better in asking a lady out whom you are interested in.

Reach out:

Just as simple as it sounds, it’s very necessary and the first step to wining a girl.

Don’t be shy when of course you aren’t.

Rather be smart and apply the right positioning.

If there’s any lady you think you are interested in and may want to date, you need to reach out.

You need to meet her.

You can’t keep observing from afar and telling how friends how you love.

Your love journey only starts when you reach out to her.

You need to kill the fear of rejection as soon as you start catching feelings.

When asking a girl out, it’s always a win-win. There’s nothing to lose.

If she gives you a ‘Yes’, you have her as a girl friend and if she says ‘No’, she has lost someone who care a lot about her.

You win and your conscience will always be at rest as compared to when you lack the confidence to reach out to her, expressing your feelings.

Yeah, you may think it’s more of a big deal and keep up delaying.

But also have it at the back of your mind that time waits for no man and secondly, she may just be waiting for the first guy to make a smart move to ask her out.

Be Specific:

When asking a lady out, you must just be specific, else you look to her like one who is total confuse and don’t what he want.

Once you are specific while asking her out, it helps her judge quickly if she wants to have anything to do with you or not.

The last impression she wants to get from you is being confused.

Tell her exactly what you want from her on the onset.

So before reaching out to her, you must have concluded as to what you really.

Do you just want you both to be close friends or you want to date her?

Do you just want a close friend with no strings attached?

Do you want a sex partner or you are looking to date her, hoping to marry her?

You just shouldn’t avoid being specific at the onset.

Once you are specific as to what you want, then she senses you as being serious and your chances of winning her increases great.

Most guys ruin their chances of winning her over simply because they fail to be specific making things difficult for her.

The only way you can help her decide quickly if she wants you or not is when you are clear and specific as to what you want from her at the very first moment you start asking her out.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

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Here is a handful of some of the resources of the blog, Relationship Rig.

Relationships and types

Best Relationship Advice and Relationship quotes for the Year 2021|R-R

Since you now know you may not be able to escape this ship called relationship, it’s then wise to learn the much you can take, staying glued to relationship advice and relationship quotes.

Relationship Rig being dedicated to this has made this post and many more as a source to various relationship advice and quotes.

Relationship Advice for year 2021

Finding Love:

Find love only when you are ready for love and when you know for sure you’re matured for love. What then does it mean for one to be matured for love?

I will tell you right away.

Being matured for love means you have understood the basics of love.

One of the basics of love is having it in mind that no one is perfect, not even the one you fall in love with. There’re always things to tolerate, attitudes to cope with an hope for change.

Knowing that no one can be just like you and understand you just like yourself.

Being so wise to know that the journey of love is just same as life – things happens, sacrifices are made and it’s filled with up and downs leaving one to hope for more better days.

You need to be matured for love before giving love a chance.

Love ties:

When you fall in love, let the nut remain tied.

Sometimes in your love life, you may feel like giving up or giving someone else a shot. Probably you have tried all you can and your partner refused changing leaving you frustrated.

It may seem they are better partners out there in the world but wisdom is knowing that the ups and downs are bound to come.

Wisdom is seating down to settle dispute.

Wisdom is figuring out how to make things work and never letting go too often.

Love is like a mystery beyond you.

Falling is easy but not as forgetting or healing when hurt.

Lies murders Love:

Falling in love and being in a relationship practically means signing a contract not to tell lies to your partner.

Lies burns down trust.

What is a relationship without trust?

It’s useless.

You owe your partner the truth and nothing more, especially when they ask. Not minding how they would react, you need to let them know the truth if you truly love.

It’s easier to consider forgiving one who told you a hurting truth than one who lied only for you to find out the truth later on.

The truth still saves and clears your conscience.

Commitment and self-control:

You can’t say you love genuinely without wearing a belt of commitment and self-control. Being committed to your partner is a hard work all for love and your safety.

Self-control keeps you going and on check.

Once commitment and self-control is lacking in your relationship, it dies off so soon because the life span of all relationships rely greatly on commitment and self-control.

Ignoring complaints:

While in a relationship, you must be considerate.

Have your partner’s interest always at  heart.

Just before they get feed up on your attitude, they may have laid series of complains. Work on them and never stop working on them.

The sooner you adjust, the better you give your partner a room to show more care and affection.

Ignoring complains of your partner makes it difficult for them to love you.

Ask don’t assume:

What kills love in relationships from day to day is assumptions.

To grow a healthy relationship, you must flee from assumptions. Why assume any shit when you can always ask your partner questions?

If there’s any new character or attitude in them you may want to find out the why, ask them and don’t conclude by assumptions.

Your relationship isn’t a science practical.

If you can’t ask via speaking to your partner, you can always send text.

Keeping quiet while there’s something you need to get cleared on irritates and assumptions kill the relationship finally.

Live like it’s life:

Even while in a relationship, you need to be open and positive minded. Being flexible is key so nothing takes you as surprise.

Life is dynamic, so is love and people change.

You can only hope for a positive change but aren’t certain which you get.

Nevertheless, love isn’t a thing to give up on.

It’s worth the hustle.

It’s all within you:

It’s all within our power to love who ever we choose to love, since genuine love is far beyond what we see.

You definitely can’t love who you haven’t chosen to love.

So knowing how much of a power you possess, why not choose to love your partner beyond all bounds. It’s in your hands.

The best feel of love we can get is when the one we love reciprocate our love.

Just be sure:

Before going into a relationship, you just have to be sure what you really want.

No one on earth values confusion in relationship.

Make your goals clear, define the purpose of your relationship.

It serves as a guide.

Relationship quotes for the year 2021

Relationship quote 1:

What keeps a man – if your presence gives him inner peace and joy.

What keeps a woman – if she knows your plans and feel comfortable with it.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 2

The RIGHT amount of SEX is the amount that makes both partners HAPPY.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 3

Understanding what makes your partner feel LOVED can help you navigate CONFLICT and put ROMANCE back into your relationship.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 4

A GOOD relationship takes commitment, compromise, forgiveness and effort to rekindle the fires of romance from time to time.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 5

If you want SUCCESS in your relationship, be quick to forgive, be willing to LISTEN and be SLOW to jump into conclusion.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 6

Sometimes, GOODBYE is a painful way to say, “I LOVE YOU”.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 7

Trying NEW things together is an adventure and makes the BEST memories.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 8

One FACT which no girl believes is that a guy can be FULLY erect but still doesn’t want SEX.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 9

Nothing KILLS a relationship faster than assumptions. Smart people don’t ASSUME, they talk things out with their partners.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 10

Relationship needs MATURITY, which is when you know your WORTH and openly communicate always.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 11

Stay FAITHFUL. There’s no stronger bond than knowing you can FULLY trust the INTEGRITY of your partner.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 12

Don’t stress over what COULD’VE been, chances are if it should have been, it WOULD’VE been.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 13

The easiest way to get a Workaholics attention and care, is to show INTEREST in his hustle and contribute your little.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 14

No relationship is all SUNSHINE, but two people who are willing to share an umbrella together can survive the storm TOGETHER.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 15

End a relationship before beginning another, even if it’s just a sexual relationship. Cheating on someone is selfish and destroys the other person’s self-esteem.

Relationship quote 16

Sometimes, even the “RIGHT ONE” isn’t right enough for YOU. There’s no right one out there…that PERFECT ONE is an illusion. FIX things with the SPECIAL ONE you’ve got.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 17

We FIGHT…We FIX, the most important is We STAY.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 18

I WANT you, not temporary, but PERMANENTLY…I LOVE you, not only for today, but FOREVER.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 19

If she’s CRYING for you, don’t say anything, HUG her.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 20

NEVER judge a relationship by photos or videos. You never know what happens behind closed doors.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 21

GREAT relationship is where yesterday’s FIGHT doesn’t affect today’s COMMUNICATION.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

Relationship quote 22

When you have the RIGHT man in your LIFE, you can sleep well at NIGHT, your life will become less stressful and he will bring out the best in YOU.

relationship advice, relationship quotes

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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Here is a handful of some of the resources of the blog, Relationship Rig.

when your husband cheats_relationship rig

Cheating – When Your Husband Cheats, It’s All Your Fault|R-R

It’s no news that most women around the world including you, tag men as polygamous in nature and cheats when it comes to relationship and marriage.

You feel it’s just in his DNA.

You say to yourself, “well, it’s just a very few percentage who do not cheat. So all men practically cheats”.

Only very few women out there in the world takes responsibility to the cause of a cheating husband. The blame is often on their husband.

What then can be the truth of this all?

Well, you will get to find out as you read on.

To clear the air and to have a perfect understanding of this post, you must first have the believe that not all men are cheats.

If we say good people exist in our world today, it’s evidence that bad people do exist also.

What is cheating all about and what does it mean to cheat?

It’s that really a question to talk about? Of course our definitions of cheating vary and are peculiar to us as individuals.

You should rather be concerned with more complex questions.

A big question you should consider is WHY DO MEN CHEAT, especially in marriages. Secondly, how can you help your husband from staying of the cliff of cheating?

This post will focus more on answering both questions above.

Having a cheat as husband

Having a cheat as a husband can really be frustrating and it breaks you at every single thought. You begin to live a life with your partner knowing no trust.

How can such marriage bring Joy if not sadness?

The bitter truth is that a man can be faithful and committed while in a relationship but looses those qualities when married.

What can be the cause of such negative change you may ask?

Things to note concerning a cheating husband

Let me talk you through some key things to note, most especially the things which triggers cheating in marriages from the male folks.

Cheating as a habit:

Whether you like it or not, cheating is a habit learned.

Yeah, it’s a habit and once your man has such habit before marriage, he’s more likely to cheat while in marriage.

It’s a habit glued to the lack of commitment.

So if you can’t get him to stay committed to you alone in a relationship, it’s obviously difficult to do it while in marriage.

It doesn’t mean people don’t rise and fall or change from bad to good.

Cheating is a decision:

Commitment is a decision and so is cheating.

A man who wants to cheat or one who has made up his mind to cheat will definitely cheat.

His mindset goes a long way.

But before this decision is made, some factors trigger them, giving reasons why cheating should be given a chance.

Unbalanced love in marriage breeds cheating:

Most women force their husbands to cheat.

How you may ask?

It’s all because they have failed to balance love between their husband and kids.

Majority of men who cheat on their wife have got growing kids.

When women start giving birth, they find it really difficult to show their husbands much care and love like they initially do.

Their attention is divided and focused more on their kids.

Most men feel the lack of love and care and it forces them to cheat.

Smart women implore strategies to balance love even while kids are coming, just to keep their husbands.

Kids shouldn’t have all the care for you aren’t married to them but your husband. Strike a balance and save your marriage.

Staying Sexy:

80% of women find it really difficult to look attractive even after marriage and child birth.

The bitter truth is that they know exactly what gets their husbands attracted but fail to do it. Do we call that greed or opening the window of cheating?

Women are too quick to forget married men remains prey to single ladies.

Yeah, it’s hard work to continuously look attractive to your husband, but it remains a necessary work to keep the man you love.

It’s one of the things people do for love.

It takes time to keep fit, especially after childbirth. What some men want to see is just your effort to keep fit and win them over again and again.

Your continuous effort to look good and sexy just for your husband minimizes the chances of him cheating.

After the day’s work, he finds himself running home to meet the sexiest lady on earth, his wife. He has just little time to hang around and no space for cheating for he’s pre-occupied mentally by your everyday dose of attraction.

Genuine Love:

The changes which come as a result of marriage and age are just so numerous.

Once a man marries out of genuine love, even when these changes in marriage such as child birth and aging strikes, he remains committed.

His level of self-control and tolerance are greatly raised by genuine love.

Are you wondering about how to know he truly loves you genuinely?

He sees beyond the physical and still wants only you.

Else, these changes can make him take a turn at some other lady.

How then can you help him stay committed without cheating?

Helping your man stay committed isn’t a big deal. You can hold on to this little guide.

It’s as simple as giving ears to the factors which triggers cheating in a man.

  • Give him attention as much as he needs and pamper him like your baby not minding his size. His heart still needs it no matter how matured he looks.
  • Respect his sexual urge.
  • Marry one who loves you genuinely.
  • Stay sexy and present yourself in different packages he love, so he doesn’t get enough to look elsewhere.
  • Be unique and give him more reasons why he must never give cheating a shot.

What most women do, leading their husband into cheating


Until you understand what sex mean to men, don’t get married. If you must get married, do not deny your husband sex.

It’s more than you think or can imagine.

Denying your husband sex not minding what your reasons are, causes him emotional and mental injury. These injuries can change his character and pattern of thought faster than one can imagine.

You have no idea of how other ladies may be begging him for just a chance but he chooses you,  hoping to have it all with you.

It’s a man’s world and woman of older generations understands it better than this generation.

Most women have even taken it as a habit to deny their husband sex at the slightest dispute.

The ball is always on your court, kick to whatever direction you choose.

The moment you start denying your husband sex, your wedding husband! Then you are sowing the seeds of cheating, molestation and violence.


The moment you fail to take proper care of him, he will seek it elsewhere for men can’t survive without being cared for.

Yeah, all married men want to feel care.

Permit me to tell you about a good woman from down Africa within the Igbo race, named Obikwelu Chioma.

Obikwelu Chioma goes to her husband every morning after her little play to cheer him up, makes a detailed enquire of what he would like to eat for the day.

She prepares her food based on the request and choice of her husband, making him feel so well placed like a king with a powerful kingdom.

Her strength in managing their home won her the title, “A CAPABLE WIFE AND HER HUSBAND PRIDE”.

She understand that for her husband growth both physically and mentally, he needs to be served good food both at the dinner and when it’s time for inter-house sport in bed.

Obikwelu Chioma since the day of her wedding has continued to care for her so much that his reign of kingship remained with her alone.


Even when it is assumed that most women nag a lot, no man on earth can cope with a nagging woman.

It’s frustrating.

If you must nag, then do it sensibly.

Permit me to tell you about two wives married to Ilobi Eric.

Eric, after the day’s work came back home and on meeting his first wife Gemame Osunde, she immediately starts to complain after greeting her husband, Eric.

Her complains were sensible, more about their kids and Eric’s second wife Elo Mercy.

Eric struggled to pull through and while inside his house meet his second wife.

She greeted him…

Gave him a welcome peck and say, “I trust your day must be really stressful, it’s written all over you my love.

Let me help you with your suit, I already made you dinner and by the way, you must keep to the rules.

Walk majestically into the bathroom and take your bath. A bucket of warm water is ready for you there.

After that, dinner will be on the table waiting for you to devour it mercilessly”

Elo Mercy then leads him on.

And after dinner just when Eric is ready to hold conversations, she brings up complains about the kids and his second wife.

So then I ask you, which complain do you think Ilobi Eric will pay much of an attention to?

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What do you think of this post?

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You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

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A Few Resources

Here is a handful of some of the resources of the blog, Relationship Rig.

blue and brown milky way galaxy

1 Quick Way To Get Your Man Take His Calls And Reply Text In Just A Minute (Latest)|R-R

I know you have tried calling but he isn’t taking his calls.

You have called couple of times, even sent text to his phone and on social media, he receives them but still doesn’t reply.

Trust me when I say I understand how that feels. It can be so frustrating especially when you expected him to be at least considerate to the event that triggered his actions.


Before rolling further, let’s look at some reasons why a guy may refuse taking your calls or replying your text.

Why He Refuse To Take His Call

No guy in a relationship and genuinely will refuse to take the call or fail to reply to the text of his lady, even under extremely busy conditions.

He may claim to be busy as a reason for ignoring your calls and text. Secondly, he does that when being offended (and that is the major factor).

Maybe you stepped on his toes either knowingly or unknowingly.

Most guys don’t like when you take their calls in a noisy environment or when you end the call on them or raise your voice at them and lot more.

When you get your man mad at you due to some actions of yours, he may avoid your call for the moment until you do the needful.

What then is the needful to be done to get him take his calls and reply text.

How You Can Make Your Man Take His Call In A Minute

Once you have successfully given him up to four calls for the day without him taking any, and probably sent a text message without getting a reply, what do you do next?

All you need do is simple.

Send a second text.

You need to send a text message again to him. This time, don’t just send a plain message complaining about his action.

Catch a flash back as to what you may have done wrong, then send a simple text apologizing.

An apology will calm him not minding if you triggered anger in him or not.

Then after waiting for few minutes, call him again.

He’s sure going to pick your calls and when he does, if he’s a nice guy, you will get an apology in return for avoiding your calls and text. You are sure of having a strong conversation afterward.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What do you think of this post?

Was it helpful?

Do well to leave me a comment, complaint, advice or suggestions.

You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

And if this is your first time reading from us at Relationship Rig, you’re highly welcomed; we long to see you more often. They’re more helpful and interesting posts waiting for you here…

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A Few Resources

Here is a handful of some of the resources of the blog, Relationship Rig.


10 Mind blowing Strategic Ideas for Cheap Dates|R-R

Considering a cheap date, with no idea how it can be possible. If you are on this tale, then this post is for you, revealing 10 mind blowing strategic ideas for cheap dates.


Whether a married couple are planning a daytime date, looking for free date ideas that they can make happen at-home, or are looking for a socially distant date night out, they’ve got to get creative! When in doubt, just refer to Jessica Simpson, who recently shared this on her Instagram: “Pandemic date nights look a little different these days. No pants required.” Check out these date ideas for married couples.

Create an at-home comedy club.

If you’re looking to loosen up after a stressful day — or ahem, year — funny dates are the best! Put your phones down, grab some drinks, and have your own late-night comedy club in your very own living room! Depending on your comedic tastes, everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Dave Chappelle to Chelsea Handler and Ali Wong (and a bunch of other up-and-coming comedians), has a stand-up show on Netflix or HBO to help get the laughs started. Bonus points go to the partner who doesn’t heckle at the screen!

Indulge in a sexy game night.

Once the kids are fast asleep, dust off all the old-school board games like Scrabble or Monopoly that are buried in the back of your closet. For an upgraded adults-only experience, mix it up a bit and play strip Scrabble! Every time you lose a round, you lose a piece of clothing … and a fun night begins.

Play tourists in your own city (even during a pandemic).


Affectionately called a staycation, doing new things in the place you call home is one of the best ideas for cheap dates. It’s also a great way to add some spark to your marriage by getting outdoors to discover new things and places together. Given the public safety protocols still in place, it will take a bit of research to see where you can safely spend some time outside, so Google will be your best friend for planning this date. You two can pack a lunch, take pictures in front of the tourist spots, create a fun series of Instagram stories, and take a walk around that local or state park you’ve always been meaning to visit.

Plan a movie night.

Although being plopped down on the couch in front of the TV might seem like the same old thing you always do, you can make this date night a real movie experience. You can set the scene to include all of the details for date ideas for married couples: do a little makeup, get dressed up (a pair of comfy jeans and a nice top will do!), order food in and have popcorn and an assortment of candy standing by. Turn down the lights and watch the entire movie. No fast-forwarding! Make sure there are no interruptions from the kids by setting the movie time to 9 p.m. or whenever bedtime begins.

Refresh with a DIY spa date.

For this free date night idea, everything you need to create a spa-like oasis is likely already in your bathroom or kitchen. Once you convince your spouse that a spa date is a good idea, you’re golden. Clean the space of bath toys, set out your best towels, borrow the bubble bath from the tiny people in your life, and you’ve already set the scene. You can add some light jazz in the background, light candles, and run a big sudsy tub. There’s nothing like sharing a calming retreat to reconnect with your partner.

couple cooking

Do a quarantine cooking competition.

Unless you and your spouse totally split the dinner responsibilities in your home, someone is probably a better cook than the other. Take a cue from the Food Network and host your own cooking competition. Time to whip up that Instant Pot recipe you’ve been dying to try! This is a perfect free date idea because you’ll make the rules of the game: You can only use ingredients already in the house — no shopping! The winner is the person who made the most creative (and edible) meal!

Have a backyard picnic.

If a cooking competition isn’t your thing and you have a backyard space, head to a favorite deli for cold cuts, fancy cheeses, salads, French bread, and a bottle of wine for a sweet backyard picnic. Fun things for couples to do can be set up on a blanket right outside your back door! This date can happen as a daytime date on the weekend or after-work hours with no worries because you won’t have to think about crowds, driving, or spending too much money. Also, if you’re not comfortable hiring a babysitter, the kids can enjoy some time nearby if you set them up with a tent or games to occupy themselves in the yard.

Have a dance party date.

Another way to shake away some pent-up energy and the boredom of being in the house so much lately is to groove it off with a dance party. We love this date idea for married couples because it may remind you of early clubbing dates or just allow you to connect over a favorite album. Creating a Spotify playlist of dance songs is going to be key for some musical inspiration. This can go down in the basement, den, or living room — and no shoes required!

Go bike riding or hiking.

It’s wonderful to have some alone time and be able to clear your mind with a solo workout, but workouts with your partner can be just as beneficial. For one, it’s a free date idea in which you and your spouse can log in some uninterrupted quality time. Secondly, you’re taking care of your health. And lastly, tough workouts are easier when you’re not pushing through that last mile alone.

interracial couple playing game

Play a couples trivia game.

If our suggestion of a sexy game night isn’t your thing, try some couples trivia games. Some popular ones such as the Ultimate Game for Couples; Tabletopics: Couples; Talk, Flirt, or Dare; and Uncommon Questions for couples are available to order on Amazon. These games will remind you of where your relationship started and how it has evolved. They can also help create some thought-provoking conversations. Other games are more light-hearted and will easily create a funny date you’ve both been yearning for.


What do you think of this post?

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You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

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20 Exceptional Ideas To Celebrate Any Anniversary At Home|R-R

Have you been considering how to celebrate an anniversary at home, without having any idea? It’s time to consider these 20 exceptional ideas to celebrate any anniversary at home.

Read on for ideas on how to celebrate an anniversary at home. The best part? Most of these ideas can be done on the cheap, and many of them don’t even require leaving the house (or putting on real clothes). Remember how we said this could end up being the best anniversary ever?

Order Takeout


If there’s ever an occasion not to cook, it’s on an anniversary! Go ahead, order takeout from a favorite restaurant — maybe the one that would be included in the plans if leaving the house was an option on the table. Go for pizza, or something even fancier than that. The food will make the night even more special.

Get All Dressed Up

To make the night feel even more special, dress up — even though nobody else will see the nice outfit, it feels good to put effort in for each other, especially after years and years together. Plus, it could end up making for some cute self-timer pics of the evening.

Have a Movie Night


With more and more movies streaming that would have premiered in theaters, there are a lot of great options for an at-home movie night — and watching an old favorite can definitely be one of them. Cuddle up on the couch and make popcorn, or even rent a projector and screen for the backyard. This can be as simple or as exciting as the situation allows!

Cook a Meal Together

Cooking together before enjoying a meal can make for a really fun date night, especially for couples who happen to be foodies. Pick out a fun recipe together online and order the ingredients, or cook a recipe from a meal kit like HelloFresh. Then, enjoy the results of all that hard work!

Recreate the First Date

Of course, staying at home makes this challenge all the more difficult, but having to get creative is part of the fun! It’s also a great opportunity to look back on memories from when the relationship was still new. A lot may have changed since then!

Share Favorite Wedding Memories

An anniversary is a great time to look back at the day it all started! Watch videos and look at photos from the big day, talk about the memories that have lasted all this time, even throw those wedding outfits back on (more power to everyone involved if they still fit!). It can be a great reminder of all the love that has stood the test of time.

Go Camping at Home

This can involve pitching an actual tent in the living room or building a fort out of blankets and couch cushions — go ahead, get creative! Camp out indoors for the night. Watch movies, drink some wine, and see where the night goes. It’s a change of pace, and it can definitely be fun!

Go on a Picnic in the Backyard


Grab a blanket, prepare a meal (or order some takeout), and eat outside for fun! This can be done at night or during the day — bonus points for setting the mood with some fun twinkly lights or a bonfire, which can be especially romantic during the winter months.

Take an Online Class

Since everybody’s staying home more these days, learning new skills online is easier than ever before, and it can definitely make for a fun anniversary activity! Sign up for an online class and learn a new skill together — cooking, bartending, or even just chill out and do some yoga.

Stay Unplugged

Take the anniversary as the occasion to rise to a special challenge: No phones or computers for the entire evening. Instead, focus on each other and the conversation. That kind of dedicated, undivided attention on each other can really make the night feel special, and with how stressful life gets, sometimes it’s exactly what we need.

Dance in the Living Room

Or the kitchen … or the bedroom … or anywhere. Play some favorite music, or even that special wedding day playlist (including the first dance song!). This might not be something that happens often at home, but it can be fun, special, and even a little silly for any date night that doesn’t involve going out somewhere with actual dancing.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Now that more people are staying at home, virtual wine tastings have actually become a thing — who knew! Of course, this takes a little bit of planning ahead, but there are a lot of wineries supplying everything needed for a virtual wine tasting. Don’t forget to make a fancy charcuterie board to snack on!

Tackle a DIY Project

We all have plenty of projects around the house that need to get done — or fun ideas pinned to our Pinterest boards — so why not use the night to tackle one of them? Working together for a common goal like this can be a fun way to spend time together, and in the end, celebrate the accomplishment and admire the result … preferably with chocolate.

Exchange Letters

Before the anniversary hits, take time to write letters to each other about what the time spent together has meant to each other. Share favorite memories, make new promises to each other — anything goes. Then, on the anniversary itself, exchange them. It’s a sweet gesture and makes for an unforgettable gift.

Adopt a Pet

Of course, it’s important to be on the same page about this ahead of time … but if adopting a pet has been something that’s discussed already, an anniversary can be a perfect time to welcome a furry friend into the household. Dog, cat, or fish, there’s plenty of love to go around.

Do an Activity Together

This could be anything, from organizing the linen closet (hey, some people are into that) to building a complicated set of Lego to even queueing up a Bob Ross video and learning how to paint happy little trees like a pro. Anything that breaks with the norm will be a lot of fun.

Play a Game

Play a board game that’s been collecting dust on the shelf, or compete against each other in a video game like Mario Kart — whatever it is, it’ll allow a little fun … something we don’t always get in our everyday lives, especially over the past year.

Take a Walk

Time to get outside! Taking a walk together — even just around the neighborhood — can be a fun activity to do on an anniversary, especially if the weather is nice. Leave the phones at home and have an hour or two of fresh air and undisturbed conversation.

Order a Date Night in a Box

Another plan that takes a little prepwork, but it will almost definitely be worth it! There are many services out there that offer up a date night in a box, like the (appropriately titled) Date Night In A Box subscription. Everything needed for a fun night in is included in the box, which takes the work out of it.

Have an At-Home Spa Night


What could be better to celebrate with than a night of relaxation? Grab some face masks, some nice smelling bubble bath, light some candles, and spend the night with a little luxury. Give each other massages, and don’t forget the cozy bath robes!

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sonia and eric

Forum Relationship Discuss of Sonia and Eric – Air Your View Now|R-R

Today, Relationship Rig presents to you a relationship discussion of Sonia and Eric, as we believe you have an idea which can solve their relationship issue. That’s why we implore you to air your view.

The Relationship Story of Sonia and Eric

Sonia and Eric got married newly.

Their marriage has lasted for just two months and a week.

Eric’s mom lived in her son’s house, even before he got married.

Their marriage have been on a great cruise until now Sonia wrote to Relationship Rig.

sonia and eric

The Problem facing Sonia and Eric’s Marriage

According to Sonia, she suspected Eric was cheating on her, then her instinct led her to take a little tour on Eric’s phone.

From his messages and calls, she deduced Eric was actually cheating on her.

Sonia didn’t keep things to herself, she confronted Eric.

Eric on his part, didn’t deny having a side chick, instead took fault as to why his wife would access his phone without permission.

It lead into an argument, then Eric slapped Sonia.

According to Sonia, she retaliated by giving Eric a dirty slap too.

Eric’s mom, while present in scene and having seen Sonia slapped her son moved towards her and gave her a slap too.

Sonia felt really embarrassed but didn’t slap her mother inlaw. Instead she packed her things, leaving the house to Eric and his mom.

Sonia has written to relationship rig, because she feels confused and doesn’t know what to do.

Her mom whom she lives with, wants her to go back and apologize to both her husband and mother inlaw.

But she thinks they owe her an apology and not the other way round.  

You are part of us at Relationship Rig, so you should have something to say.

Share Your Thoughts On Sonia and Eric’s Relationship

Having read and understood the problem in Sonia and Eric’s relationship, what advice can you give to act as a solution to their problem?

Sonia is live online to read available comments.

Tell us your mind by using the comment box NOW. Your contribution matters a lot.

And if you have any relationship issue you wish to hear the view of others on, do well to email us your story.

date night

Magical Ways to do ‘Date Night’ when kids are home all the time (2020)|R-R

How to do date night when kids are home all the time – The last seven months have been different. And that’s putting it mildly.

Many of us have been trying to stay safe and therefore have been spending a lot of time at home – or outside during the nice weather.

Well, winter’s coming. The lazy days of summer are behind us for this year, and we’ll be complaining of cabin fever soon enough.

As parents, we have an even tougher time maintaining relationships and finding quiet time for ourselves while being at home with our children every day.

date night

So how do you manage date nights or self care time while the kids are constantly around? Let’s explore some ideas:

What to do with the kids…

This is very age-dependant. My girls are old enough to not need constant supervision, and too old to go to bed early.

If your kids are like mine, I would suggest simply explaining to them that you want some grown up time (date night time), and give them ideas of things to do. For us, it would be pjs and a movie, or ship them off to a fellow pod home for a sleepover. Heck, my girls would even play something online for a few hours if I let them. So for me, this isn’t a struggle.

But what if you have younger kids? How do you manage a date night then?

I know a babysitter may not be the right choice for you, but it is for some. Especially if you can find someone to “pod” with, that perhaps only babysits for you and doesn’t have a large circle elsewhere. This can be another adult, or a family member as well.​​​​​​​

You can also take advantage of nice days and have a sitter come and watch your kiddo play outside while you and your spouse enjoy a lunch date or similar.

If you have a pod with other parents, try kid-sharing. You watch all the kids one evening, and swap out for your turn for a date night. Sleepovers not required.

The trick right now is thinking outside the box.

So now that we’ve occupied the kids – what kind of “date night” should we have?

Simple evenings could be a movie or Netflix marathon, with take out, or popcorn. Cook a meal together and enjoy it with your drink of choice. Eat together without the kids, and have a real conversation.

Break out the board games, or a deck of cards. Pull out old photo albums and reminisce about the “old days.” Or investigate a new hobby together.

Get outside for a walk or bike around your neighbourhood. Or go for a drive to watch the sun set. Take in a movie if you feel comfortable doing such a thing. Bonus points if you can go during the day while the kids are at school and you can avoid needing to find care for them!

Sit outside in the evening around your fire pit – again, without kids. Nothing wrecks the mood more than hearing “can we get the marshmallows now?” every five minutes.

Date nights don’t have to be overly planned, or too involved. Especially now when it’s harder to get away. Find simple things you enjoy together, and make the time to do them.

And – this might be an unpopular opinion – I actually don’t mind spending “date nights” with my girls. Their attention spans are long enough to play games or go for decent walks, and they can be pretty fun to be around.

Don’t get me wrong, a break from your kids is always needed, but including them sometimes will help enrich your life, and theirs, with shared experiences and memories to treasure.​​​​​​​

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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5 Amazing Ways To Make Long Distance Relationship Work (Today’s Choice)|R-R

As long as you’re in a relationship, you are likely to struggle with how to make a distance relationship work, since you can’t be glued to your partner always.

Work can take your partner far from you throwing you suddenly into a distance relationship.

 Maintaining a relationship is a task that requires a day to day improvement of characters, attitude and dedication.

 Lots of people shy away from distance relationship because of they feel it’s almost impossible to work out.

Making a long distance relationship work out better, isn’t a big deal any more.

This article will provide you with tips to cling to your love, for the best not minding the distance apart.

Distance affects relationship in many great ways with lots of effects.


Effects of distance in the relationship

When in a close distance relationship for a long while, it becomes difficult to cope when your partner suddenly takes a different location which is far from you, due to their work or various diverse reasons.

You may begin to feel they don’t love you anymore.

You may begin to feel someone has taken your place.

You feel like though you don’t really love them anymore as much.

All these effects are as a result of distance, when it falls on those in a relationship. And on the other hand, those who have sustained distance relationship for a while, when the distance is off, they connect even better.

So, what then is the secret of sustaining a distance relationship?


Secrets of sustaining a distance relationship

So many people feel it’s more than useless to be in a distance relationship as they think it’s impossible to get it working.

But it’s very possible to have a smooth running distance relationship if you know these secrets which this post will reveal.

Stay with me as I expose them to you.

Ways to make a long-distance relationship work

Are you struggling to know how to get your distance relationship work? Or are you planning on considering one, not sure how it’s going to work out?

If you’re in these categories, then you are simply in the right place, as this post will clear your doubts and teaching you exactly how to make a distance relationship work.

1. Get the best out of technology

Technology is one tool which aids distance relationship. If you’re in a relationship or considering one, you need to make technology your best friend.

I will tell you “How” right away.

You have got the internet, computers and phones which where are birth from technology. You must make good use of them to sustain a distance relationship.

While in a distance relationship, you need to communicate often and most means of communication through distance, technology have provided.

 The better the communication in a relationship, the more healthy the relationship becomes.

  • Send text messages often to your partner, most preferably in the early hours of the morning. Let your message be the first thing your partner sees in the morning when they look at the phone.
  • Call your partner often. In long distance relationship, you need to make more video calls. Whatsapp, Skype and many other birth of technology got you covered.

Video calls help you see the facial expressions of your partner often. You connect like though they were physically present and that helps your distance feel invisible.

To create a firm bond of love, you shouldn’t end in just making voice calls.

When you aren’t disposed of for calls, try to chat with your partner often. Make them special by posting them on social media. It gives them that assurance that they are valued when in a distance relationship.


2. Show Commitment

Commitment is key in a relationship, be it close or distance. No relationship survives when commitment is lacking.

Commitment is that extra oil that gets you going in a relationship both in good and bad times.

Once you find yourself in a distance relationship, you need to be committed to the relationship and your partner.

Some tips to boost commitments are;

Do stuffs together even though you’re apart

Make fun plans

Be confident in your relationship

Schedule, and stick to it

Do similar things.

3. Talk dirty and create expectations

While communicating with your partner regularly, also try to communicate creatively. Talk dirty with your partner, it increases fun and boost longings to see each other.

Create those expectations.

It will help you and your partner keep up till the end.

It works like morale songs on solders to boost their morals. 

Always present those expectations of what it would be like when the distance is off. It’s all like setting a goal to be achieved.

Having something to look up to in the future guides and help you persevere in a long distance relationship and make it work.

4. Be positive

So many people, once they find themselves in a long distance relationship doubt the survival of the relationship.

If you find yourself in a distance relationship, you need to be positive. Have it in mind that it’s going to work out and it will.

A good mind set towards the relationship makes it easier for you to put necessary efforts to get the relationship work.

Don’t doubt the survival of the relationship.

Believe it’s going to work.

Be positive.

To help you remain positive about long distance relationship, you need to see it as an opportunity.

Know that no two in a relationship are always together all through and the distance is only temporal. See the distance as just one of those days you both will be apart.

Remind yourself that the distance is not going to be forever.

5. Presenting gifts Often In your Relationship

Gifts have a way of making one feel so special. So, when in a distance relationship, never neglect the effect gifts could create. When in a distance relationship, should find time sending gifts to your through available means.

This presentation of gifts makes you physically present around your partners not minding the distance apart.

Extra tips on how to make a distance relationship work

  • Visit your partner as soon as an opportunity pops up
  • Give each other pet names and call yourselves by those pet names often
  • Keep each other updated on each other family and friends
  • Keep track with each other’s social media activities
  • Know each other schedule
  • Stay HONEST.

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5 Weird Things Guys Want In Bed But Feel So Shy To Ask (Your Man Inclusive)|R-R

Things guys want in bed – Guys display some level of shyness, when in bed with a girl and about to have sex. There’re lots of things he wants in bed with you but will feel so shy to ask.

Why do guys fail to ask for what they want when in bed with a girl?

It’s so natural; thousands of guys out the world are guilty of this.

Why guys fail to ask for what they want in bed?

things guys want in bed

Both girls and boys love sex but for the mood of sex not to be ruined, it all depends on how well a guy is ready to play the game with his girl.

He fails to ask for what he wants in bed with you because he doesn’t want to ruin the moment or turn you down.

Your man can’t tell what exactly will piss you off suddenly when you’re about getting laid.

He feels shy to share some sexual thoughts with you during sex because he wants to secure the fun of sex rather than ruin it.

How to help a guy who can’t ask for what he wants in bed

Eight out of every ten guys fall into this group. They can’t ask a girl for what they actually want during sex.

To save your man and pull him out of this pit, in other to enjoy him, you need to observe him even more.

Ask to know his sexual fantasies.

Be flexible and ready to try out new things.

Above all, listen to what he has to say.

5 Things he wants in bed but will never ask

Welcome as I reveal to you the weird things your man wants in bed but will never ask you.

Seat up as we roll.

  1. He wants you to initiate sex

Guys are fed up of initiating sex all the time but will never tell you. They make it look so okay like it’s their duty to initiate sex all day long.

He secretly wants you to initiate sex but will never tell you.

Your man wants you to bring up those dirty talks and little romance which leads to sex.

He wants to feel you craving for him. He doesn’t want this feel to be felt only during your ovulation period, but always.

Show him you want to have him.

Your man will get a better erection and perform well when he sees you craving for sex.

When you are the initiator of sex, you’re on a better end as a girl

2. He wants you to take your cloth off yourself

Guys feel a little frustrated trying to take off your clothes and underwears. He struggles with them more often and needs you to take them off yourself, but will never tell you.

He won’t tell you to take them off yourself because he isn’t sure how you will react if he does. So he ends up not taking the risk. 

Learn to seduce your man before sex. Take those cloths off yourself; show him your beautiful body.

Show all you have got, till his arms are open to grab you.

No guy loves the stress inquired while trying to take off your bra and pant.

Help him by making things easy, as you know he will never ask.

3. Give him blow job

Do you know how to give blow job?

If you don’t, you need to learn the act. Guys love to have their girl go down on them.

He wants a mind blowing blow job which will make him moan so loud.

Only very few guys asks girls for a blow job. Every guy wants and enjoy it.

If you’re expecting your man to ask for it, he may never do. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t in need of one.

4. Ride on him

During sex, at some point, he needs you to ride on him. He needs you to get ontop of him and ride his nuts out.

But will he ask for it?

Of course not.

He feels you will put it on him as being weak or lazy as a man, so he never asks.

Sweet heart, it’s time to up your game when next you are in bed with him. Watch his progressive movement during sex. Once it slows down a bit, stop him, pull out and then give him a ride like you are incharge.

He’s definitely going to like it.

You can ask him about the experience after sex. But I bet the expression on his face as soon as you get busy will say it all.

5. Guide him

Yes, you heard me right, guide your man.

Most guys struggle to know what exactly their girl wants during sex.

He always want you to guide him, telling him all you ever want at each point during sex.

But will he ask?

No, he will never ask. He keeps to trial and error method to see you are satisfied.

Guys want you to guide them during sex.

Your man wants you to tell him exactly what you want and how you want it.

He needs you to be his queen in bed. And what does a queen do in bed? She guides her king.

Tell him everything…you stand a chance to enjoy yourself after wards.


In our bid to solving problems relating to sex, relationship, and marriage, we advise you to take these five points seriously to help your man understand you better.

More pleasure is the reward to a listening ear.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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A Few Resources

Here is a handful of some of the resources of the blog, Relationship Rig.