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7 Surprising Barbecue Dishes For Weekends Just For You|R-R

Are you considering to include barbecue on your weekend list? If yes, this post reveals 7 surprising barbecue dishes to make your weekends great.

Check out our list below.

weekend barbecue is set to be a one-household affair. It can still be a fun time, even if it’s more low-key than you’d like. Just get the whole family pumped up about the menu ― and hands-on with the prep ― for a memorable grill-out.

1. BBQ volcano potatoes

Who needs science classes, when you can create your own volcano potatoes, with oozing cheese for lava? The craters are buttery baked spuds, stuffed with ham and cheddar and wrapped in crispy bacon, then grilled on the barbecue, with the lid closed for 45 minutes to an hour. Jason King created the recipe, for the website BBQfood4U, and you can find full instructions here, for this literal taste explosion!

2. Cheesy cauliflower mushroom steaks

If vegetables are sometimes caused for dinner-table spats, your kids might see them in a new light, after sampling these grilled cauliflower steaks. They’re topped pizza-style with melted mozzarella and sliced button mushrooms and indisputably delicious. The recipe is by Rachel Maser, whose blog is called Clean Food Crush.

3. Chicken quesadilla hearts

Grill, I love you! Send a message to your pandemic bubble buddies with these tasty treats. They’re speedy to make, using rotisserie chicken, barbecue sauce, and pre-shredded cheese, so a good choice for pandemic-weary parents. Cook in a skillet or on the barbecue. The recipe is from the US grocery chain, Kroger.

4. Grilled s’mores pizza

Bringing together the carb-y comfort of pizza with the sweet gooeyness of s’mores is ingenious. This dessert will make you feel like everything’s going to be OK out there. Thank you, Michelle, the Chicago writer behind the blog Honest and Truly, for bringing this recipe into our lives.

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5. Sesame yaki onigiri (grilled rice balls)

These satisfyingly salty appetizers are a great way to use up leftover rice from yesterday’s dinner and stretch out your pantry resources as long as possible. As well, you’ll make a tasty hand food that even little kids will enjoy; the onigiri can be sliced in two and subbed in for burger buns. The full recipe, by Caroline Russock, can be found on Serious Eats.

6. Grilled donuts

So you thought donuts couldn’t get any more scrumptious ― that’s because you’ve never tried tossing them on the barbecue. Grill ’em on both sides, to caramelize the glaze, then serve with a sweet dip, grilled fruits, or vanilla ice cream. Full instructions are on the lifestyle website The Merry Thought.

7. Sausage and shrimp kebabs

Roll over, pigs in blankets… the new party food we’re craving is surf-n-sausage on a stick! If your kid is old enough to be trusted not to run with a pointy skewer, they’re old enough to indulge. Julie Evink created this ingenious meal on a spike for the website Gimme Some Grilling.

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READ  Parent Guide 2020 - Tips For Parents Of Picky Eaters|R-R

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