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5 Weird Things Guys Want In Bed But Feel So Shy To Ask (Your Man Inclusive)|R-R

Things guys want in bed – Guys display some level of shyness, when in bed with a girl and about to have sex. There’re lots of things he wants in bed with you but will feel so shy to ask.

Why do guys fail to ask for what they want when in bed with a girl?

It’s so natural; thousands of guys out the world are guilty of this.

Why guys fail to ask for what they want in bed?

things guys want in bed

Both girls and boys love sex but for the mood of sex not to be ruined, it all depends on how well a guy is ready to play the game with his girl.

He fails to ask for what he wants in bed with you because he doesn’t want to ruin the moment or turn you down.

Your man can’t tell what exactly will piss you off suddenly when you’re about getting laid.

He feels shy to share some sexual thoughts with you during sex because he wants to secure the fun of sex rather than ruin it.

How to help a guy who can’t ask for what he wants in bed

Eight out of every ten guys fall into this group. They can’t ask a girl for what they actually want during sex.

To save your man and pull him out of this pit, in other to enjoy him, you need to observe him even more.

Ask to know his sexual fantasies.

Be flexible and ready to try out new things.

Above all, listen to what he has to say.

5 Things he wants in bed but will never ask

Welcome as I reveal to you the weird things your man wants in bed but will never ask you.

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Seat up as we roll.

  1. He wants you to initiate sex

Guys are fed up of initiating sex all the time but will never tell you. They make it look so okay like it’s their duty to initiate sex all day long.

He secretly wants you to initiate sex but will never tell you.

Your man wants you to bring up those dirty talks and little romance which leads to sex.

He wants to feel you craving for him. He doesn’t want this feel to be felt only during your ovulation period, but always.

Show him you want to have him.

Your man will get a better erection and perform well when he sees you craving for sex.

When you are the initiator of sex, you’re on a better end as a girl

2. He wants you to take your cloth off yourself

Guys feel a little frustrated trying to take off your clothes and underwears. He struggles with them more often and needs you to take them off yourself, but will never tell you.

He won’t tell you to take them off yourself because he isn’t sure how you will react if he does. So he ends up not taking the risk. 

Learn to seduce your man before sex. Take those cloths off yourself; show him your beautiful body.

Show all you have got, till his arms are open to grab you.

No guy loves the stress inquired while trying to take off your bra and pant.

Help him by making things easy, as you know he will never ask.

3. Give him blow job

Do you know how to give blow job?

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If you don’t, you need to learn the act. Guys love to have their girl go down on them.

He wants a mind blowing blow job which will make him moan so loud.

Only very few guys asks girls for a blow job. Every guy wants and enjoy it.

If you’re expecting your man to ask for it, he may never do. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t in need of one.

4. Ride on him

During sex, at some point, he needs you to ride on him. He needs you to get ontop of him and ride his nuts out.

But will he ask for it?

Of course not.

He feels you will put it on him as being weak or lazy as a man, so he never asks.

Sweet heart, it’s time to up your game when next you are in bed with him. Watch his progressive movement during sex. Once it slows down a bit, stop him, pull out and then give him a ride like you are incharge.

He’s definitely going to like it.

You can ask him about the experience after sex. But I bet the expression on his face as soon as you get busy will say it all.

5. Guide him

Yes, you heard me right, guide your man.

Most guys struggle to know what exactly their girl wants during sex.

He always want you to guide him, telling him all you ever want at each point during sex.

But will he ask?

No, he will never ask. He keeps to trial and error method to see you are satisfied.

Guys want you to guide them during sex.

Your man wants you to tell him exactly what you want and how you want it.

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He needs you to be his queen in bed. And what does a queen do in bed? She guides her king.

Tell him everything…you stand a chance to enjoy yourself after wards.


In our bid to solving problems relating to sex, relationship, and marriage, we advise you to take these five points seriously to help your man understand you better.

More pleasure is the reward to a listening ear.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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