3 Undiluted Reasons Why He Stopped Showing Attention, Making You Feel Like He Cares No More|R-R

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The reality – starting from the first day he asks you out and sometimes even before he gives you all the attention you desire and even more.

Struggling to have your yes forces him to go beyond the box in making you happy and giving you the kind of attention no one has ever given.

True, you sense his action as care.

Yeah, he really cares about you; he really loves and values you that are why he gives that initial reaction, giving you so much care and attention.

But why did he suddenly change?

Why did he stop showing the care and attention you were used to?

Is he cheating on you?

You may feel, Oh all guys are cheats, he may be seeing someone else.

But some part of you can attest to the fact that you really trust him and know he isn’t cheating.

So then, what may be the cause of the sudden change?

Yes, this is what this post is out to discuss.

Stay tuned and read along.

Why he suddenly changes and gives you less attention

I know you wish to be given more attention from your man either in your relationship or marriage.

Below are some reasons why men suddenly stops giving their lady the kind of attention they initially do give, causing them to worry and even throw them into the hands of other men, who may likely do same.

So its better you focus to understand and grasp this message.

  1. Money Issue In A Relationship

It’s a two way thing with money in a relationship. If you’re too demanding as a lady, you will cause your man to stop giving so much attention like he initially does.

The reason is because in his mind, he measures the attention with cash.

More attention to him may mean more cash. Every guy wants an asset and not a liability.

Secondly, if you aren’t too demanding, your man will show less attention when his cash flow is really bad. When he’s struggling to raise cash to meet his basic needs.

Such struggle consumes guys a lot and can be a reason why he shows you less attention.

2. Problems at work


Problems with work can be little frustrating and time consuming.

Your man may be passing through certain difficulties at work, things may not be moving smoothly like they use to, maybe he got a new boss working his ass out or a project he was mandated to finish to avoid losing his job.

Problems at work distracts guys a lot and can be a reason why he shows less attention.

3. Family Issues


How well do you know your man’s family?

Family issues are burdens too difficult for guys to bear and remain focused. It distracts a lot and can make the whole world end before them.

He may be sinking into one or more family issue which has stolen the attention he ought to give you.

Yeah, it’s more than capable of doing all that.


It’s okay to feel like – you have more guys dying to have you but want just him and yet he can’t treat you right.

It’s okay to feel he’s cheating on you and maybe think he feels too proud and doesn’t really value you like you do value him.

It’s all okay to think that way…

But I need you to listen.

Communication, not just talking but a good communication is key to a better relationship.

Guys find it difficult to open up, especially when facing difficult challenges.

He may never open up, not because he doesn’t trust you but because he loves you and don’t want to get you worried.

Whenever problems hit your man, he will struggle with showing you attention.

What then can you do?

Since guys find it difficult to open up, the only thing you can do is to prove you can handle whatsoever it is bordering him.

Talk with him…

You may be too angry not to talk, but please do. It will save your relationship.

Instead of complaining, create a room for him to open up.

You may consider using these words,

“Babe, this isn’t you, you are changed. You act like you don’t care anymore or like I’m not the girl you use to know. What’s wrong babe? I know there’s something you aren’t telling me.

You can’t decide to punish me this way, please open up to me. You’re getting me even more confused as you have refused to open up. Don’t you love me anymore? I’m still your baby.”

Get him to open up and when he does, handle the issue with maturity…

And you’re sure to be fine, getting his attention once more.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What do you think of this post?

Was it helpful?

Do well to leave me a comment, complaint, advice or suggestions.

You’re so special and I LOVE YOU.

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