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1 Quick Way To Get Your Man Take His Calls And Reply Text In Just A Minute (Latest)|R-R

I know you have tried calling but he isn’t taking his calls.

You have called couple of times, even sent text to his phone and on social media, he receives them but still doesn’t reply.

Trust me when I say I understand how that feels. It can be so frustrating especially when you expected him to be at least considerate to the event that triggered his actions.


Before rolling further, let’s look at some reasons why a guy may refuse taking your calls or replying your text.

Why He Refuse To Take His Call

No guy in a relationship and genuinely will refuse to take the call or fail to reply to the text of his lady, even under extremely busy conditions.

He may claim to be busy as a reason for ignoring your calls and text. Secondly, he does that when being offended (and that is the major factor).

Maybe you stepped on his toes either knowingly or unknowingly.

Most guys don’t like when you take their calls in a noisy environment or when you end the call on them or raise your voice at them and lot more.

When you get your man mad at you due to some actions of yours, he may avoid your call for the moment until you do the needful.

What then is the needful to be done to get him take his calls and reply text.

How You Can Make Your Man Take His Call In A Minute

Once you have successfully given him up to four calls for the day without him taking any, and probably sent a text message without getting a reply, what do you do next?

All you need do is simple.

Send a second text.

You need to send a text message again to him. This time, don’t just send a plain message complaining about his action.

Catch a flash back as to what you may have done wrong, then send a simple text apologizing.

An apology will calm him not minding if you triggered anger in him or not.

Then after waiting for few minutes, call him again.

He’s sure going to pick your calls and when he does, if he’s a nice guy, you will get an apology in return for avoiding your calls and text. You are sure of having a strong conversation afterward.

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