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Considering a cheap date, with no idea how it can be possible. If you are on this tale, then this post is for you, revealing 10 mind blowing strategic ideas for cheap dates.


Whether a married couple are planning a daytime date, looking for free date ideas that they can make happen at-home, or are looking for a socially distant date night out, they’ve got to get creative! When in doubt, just refer to Jessica Simpson, who recently shared this on her Instagram: “Pandemic date nights look a little different these days. No pants required.” Check out these date ideas for married couples.

Create an at-home comedy club.

If you’re looking to loosen up after a stressful day — or ahem, year — funny dates are the best! Put your phones down, grab some drinks, and have your own late-night comedy club in your very own living room! Depending on your comedic tastes, everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Dave Chappelle to Chelsea Handler and Ali Wong (and a bunch of other up-and-coming comedians), has a stand-up show on Netflix or HBO to help get the laughs started. Bonus points go to the partner who doesn’t heckle at the screen!

Indulge in a sexy game night.

Once the kids are fast asleep, dust off all the old-school board games like Scrabble or Monopoly that are buried in the back of your closet. For an upgraded adults-only experience, mix it up a bit and play strip Scrabble! Every time you lose a round, you lose a piece of clothing … and a fun night begins.

Play tourists in your own city (even during a pandemic).


Affectionately called a staycation, doing new things in the place you call home is one of the best ideas for cheap dates. It’s also a great way to add some spark to your marriage by getting outdoors to discover new things and places together. Given the public safety protocols still in place, it will take a bit of research to see where you can safely spend some time outside, so Google will be your best friend for planning this date. You two can pack a lunch, take pictures in front of the tourist spots, create a fun series of Instagram stories, and take a walk around that local or state park you’ve always been meaning to visit.

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Plan a movie night.

Although being plopped down on the couch in front of the TV might seem like the same old thing you always do, you can make this date night a real movie experience. You can set the scene to include all of the details for date ideas for married couples: do a little makeup, get dressed up (a pair of comfy jeans and a nice top will do!), order food in and have popcorn and an assortment of candy standing by. Turn down the lights and watch the entire movie. No fast-forwarding! Make sure there are no interruptions from the kids by setting the movie time to 9 p.m. or whenever bedtime begins.

Refresh with a DIY spa date.

For this free date night idea, everything you need to create a spa-like oasis is likely already in your bathroom or kitchen. Once you convince your spouse that a spa date is a good idea, you’re golden. Clean the space of bath toys, set out your best towels, borrow the bubble bath from the tiny people in your life, and you’ve already set the scene. You can add some light jazz in the background, light candles, and run a big sudsy tub. There’s nothing like sharing a calming retreat to reconnect with your partner.

couple cooking

Do a quarantine cooking competition.

Unless you and your spouse totally split the dinner responsibilities in your home, someone is probably a better cook than the other. Take a cue from the Food Network and host your own cooking competition. Time to whip up that Instant Pot recipe you’ve been dying to try! This is a perfect free date idea because you’ll make the rules of the game: You can only use ingredients already in the house — no shopping! The winner is the person who made the most creative (and edible) meal!

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Have a backyard picnic.

If a cooking competition isn’t your thing and you have a backyard space, head to a favorite deli for cold cuts, fancy cheeses, salads, French bread, and a bottle of wine for a sweet backyard picnic. Fun things for couples to do can be set up on a blanket right outside your back door! This date can happen as a daytime date on the weekend or after-work hours with no worries because you won’t have to think about crowds, driving, or spending too much money. Also, if you’re not comfortable hiring a babysitter, the kids can enjoy some time nearby if you set them up with a tent or games to occupy themselves in the yard.

Have a dance party date.

Another way to shake away some pent-up energy and the boredom of being in the house so much lately is to groove it off with a dance party. We love this date idea for married couples because it may remind you of early clubbing dates or just allow you to connect over a favorite album. Creating a Spotify playlist of dance songs is going to be key for some musical inspiration. This can go down in the basement, den, or living room — and no shoes required!

Go bike riding or hiking.

It’s wonderful to have some alone time and be able to clear your mind with a solo workout, but workouts with your partner can be just as beneficial. For one, it’s a free date idea in which you and your spouse can log in some uninterrupted quality time. Secondly, you’re taking care of your health. And lastly, tough workouts are easier when you’re not pushing through that last mile alone.

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interracial couple playing game

Play a couples trivia game.

If our suggestion of a sexy game night isn’t your thing, try some couples trivia games. Some popular ones such as the Ultimate Game for Couples; Tabletopics: Couples; Talk, Flirt, or Dare; and Uncommon Questions for couples are available to order on Amazon. These games will remind you of where your relationship started and how it has evolved. They can also help create some thought-provoking conversations. Other games are more light-hearted and will easily create a funny date you’ve both been yearning for.


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